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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Insurgent Group Kills Two People For Watching World Cup Match

Two people have been shot dead reportedly for watching a football World Cup match on television by the Somali insurgent near the Somali capital of Mogadishu.

Residents say that heavily armed militants stormed a house where World Cup fans were secretly watching the football competition which was prohibited in Islamist controlled regions in Somalia.
Two young men who tried to jump over the wall were shot and killed, 10 others were taken into Islamist custody, according to officials.

Those in custody have broken and Islamic rule and will be dealt with in accordance with Islamic law, Hizbul Islam leader, Sheik Mohamed Abu Abdalla.

The insurgents in Somalia warned people against watching the World Cup, saying that Football descended from the old Christian cultures, it was not compatible with Islamic law and that those who were caught watching it would be brought before the Islamic court.

Al-Shabab and Hizb al-Islam control most of Mogadishu and south and central Somalia, having squeezed the internationally backed government into a sliver of land defended by an African Union force.

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