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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A letter to Ethiopians

Dear fellow Ethiopians,

Today humanity is being challenged. Unthinkable atrocities take place on daily basis. There is an evil force at work that aims to destroy us. The agents of this evil respect nothing; not even the lives of children. Every day there are bombings, every day innocent people are targeted and murdered. It seems as if we are helpless. But we are not!

The ancient Chinese sage Sun Zi said, "Know your enemy and you won't be defeated". Do we know our enemy? If we don't, then we are doomed.

Terrorism is not an ideology, it is a tool; but the terrorists kill for an ideology. They call that ideology Islam.

The entire world, both Muslims and non-Muslims claim that the terrorists have hijacked "the religion of peace" and Islam does not condone violence.

Who is right? Do the terrorists understand Islam better, or do those who decry them? The answer to this question is the key to our victory, and failure to find that key will result in our loss and death will be upon us. The key is in the Quran and the history of Islam.

Those who know Islam, know that the understanding of the terrorists of Islam is correct. They are doing nothing that their prophet did not do and did not encourage his followers to do. Murder, rape, assassination, beheading, massacre and sacrilege of the dead "to delight the hearts of the believers" were all practiced by Muhammad, were taught by him and were observed by Muslims throughout their history.

If truth has ever mattered, it matters most now! This is the time that we have to call a spade a spade. This is the time that we have to find the root of the problem and eradicate it. The root of Islamic terrorism is Islam. The proof of that is the Quran.

Many ex-Muslims have seen the face of the evil and have risen to warn the world. No matter how painful the truth may be, only truth can set us free. Why this much denial? Why so much obstinacy? How many more innocent lives should be lost before YOU open your eyes?

Muslims are urged to leave Islam. Stop with excuses, justifications and rationalizations. Stop dividing mankind into "us" vs. "them" and Muslims vs. Kafirs. We are One people, One mankind! Muhammad was not a messenger of God. It is time that we end this insanity and face the truth. The terrorists take their moral support and the validation for their actions from you. Your very adherence to their cult of death is a nod of approval for their crimes against humanity.

The non-Muslims world should stop being politically correct lest it hurts the sensitivities of the Muslims. To Hell with their sensitivities! We all need to save their lives, and the lives of millions of innocent people.

Millions, if not billions of lives will be lost if we do nothing. Time is running out! "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." Do something!

Somali Islamist insurgents threaten US attack

A leader of Somalia's Islamist insurgency threatened to attack America during a speech broadcast Monday.

"We tell the American President Barack Obama to embrace Islam before we come to his country," said Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalaf.

Al-Shabab has not yet launched an attack outside Africa but Western intelligence has long been worried because the group targeted young Somali-Americans for recruitment. About 20 have traveled to Somalia for training and at least three were used as suicide bombers inside Somalia.


Soldiers foil fresh explosions

A FRESH attempt to bomb some parts of Jos was foiled, yesterday, after the Special Task Force which is maintaining security in Jos intercepted a group of people who were trying to plant an explosive in Nasarawa Gwom area even as the death toll in the Christmas Eve multiple bomb explosions has risen to 80


Monday, December 27, 2010

Dutch arrest 12 Somalis thought to be ready to launch terror attack

Dutch authorities have arrested 12 men of Somali origin they believe were about to carry out a terrorist attack, authorities said Saturday.

The country's intelligence service provided information that led to the arrests in Rotterdam, Public Prosecution Service spokesman Wim de Bruin told CNN.

No weapons or explosives were found, he said. The suspects are in police custody.

"The attack was said to be imminent so the national police started an investigation which led to the arrest of 12 Somalis later on Friday in Rotterdam," de Bruin said. "We are not sure about what the target was, how they were going to carry out the attack or when."
A Dutch counterterrorism office spokeswoman said the immediate threat to the country has been removed and the terror alert level will remain "limited," or relatively low.

"We are now following the information that comes out of the interrogations with these 12 individuals to see if there still remains a threat from this plot," said Judith Sluiter of the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism.

The men, between ages 19 and 48, were arrested in various locations. Police have searched a pawn shop, four homes and two hotel rooms, de Bruin said.


'East Africa Jihad'


ISomali insurgents have called on Al Qaeda terrorist network to 'come to Somalia' and join what the insurgents called 'East Africa jihad', Radio Garowe reports.

Al Shabaab insurgent spokesman, Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage "Ali Dheere," told a press conference in Mogadishu on Friday that Al Qaeda fighters should come to Somalia to "expand the East Africa jihad."

"We call on our brothers [Al Qaeda] to come to Somalia and to help us expand the East Africa jihad," Ali Dheere said, who was sitting alongside former Hizbul Islam insurgent spokesman, Sheikh Abdifatah Mohamed Ali.

Last week, Somalia's two main insurgent groups, Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam, declared their unity under Al Shabaab name and declared to continue the insurgency against the UN-recognized Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and the 8,000-strong African Union force (AMISOM) that projects it in Mogadishu.

Sheikh Ali, the former Hizbul Islam spokesman and now member of Al Shabaab, told reporters that Hizbul Islam "compromised" for the sake of uniting all Islamist fighters in Somalia.

"The TFG and AMISOM have failed to expel our fighters [insurgents] from Mogadishu and our unity is to prevent that," Sheikh Ali said.

Somalia's recognized TFG administration, regional powers and the international community considers Al Shabaab a terror group linked to Al Qaeda. The group is accused of hosting hundreds of foreign fighters from countries like Yemen, Afghanistan and the West.

They hate Christ, Christmas & Christians

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas celebrations have been overshadowed by deadly violence against Christians in Africa and Asia, while several church services in the Middle East were canceled due to concerns over terror attacks.

A series of Christmas Eve attacks and explosions on churches and other sites left as many as 38 people dead in two Nigerian cities. In Nigeria's northern city of Maiduguri six people died in two separate attacks on churches, including a Baptist pastor, authorities and church officials said.

Police chief Mohammed Abubakar blamed Boko Haram, a radical Muslim sect, for the attacks on Victory Baptist Church and Church of Christ in Nigeria, which included throwing petrol bombs. In the central Nigerian city of Jos over 30 people died in several bombings, but there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Christians in northern and central Nigeria were mourning victims Sunday, December 26, after multiple attacks on churches and other sites on Christmas Eve claimed at least 38 lives in Plateau State and Borno State.

Christians said attacks began in the city of Jos in Plateau State, where a series of bombings killed over 30 people.  The areas targeted included predominantly Christian areas.

Two of the bombs went off near a large market where people were doing last-minute Christmas shopping.  A third hit a mainly Christian neighborhood of Jos, while the fourth was near a road that leads to the city's main mosque, officials said.

Around 28 seriously injured people were admitted to the ECWA Evangel Hospital, while others were taken to Jos University Teaching Hospital, Christians said. Many victims reportedly lost limbs, while others had shrapnel removed from their bodies, according to rights investigators.


Christmas eve 320 miles (520 kilometers) away in Maiduguri, in Borno State, was marred when 30 men armed with knives and guns attacked the Victory Baptist Church dragging the pastor out of his home and shooting him to death, witnesses said.

Two young men from the choir who were rehearsing for a late-night carol service also were slain. The assailants also killed two people who were passing by the church, Christians said. The assailants reportedly only left after setting the church and pastor's house ablaze.

Danjuma Akawu, the church's secretary, told reporters that he managed to escape after he and others climbed over the church's fence. "I cannot understand these attacks..."Why Christians? Why Christians? The police have failed to protect us," he said in a statement.

Elsewhere in the city, Reverend Haskanda Jessu with the Church of Christ in Nigeria said that three men attacked his church an hour later, killing a 60-year-old security guard. Police blamed Islamic militants, including of the Boko Haram Islamist sect, for the attacks.

In published remarks, Anglican Archbishop of Jos, Benjamin Kwashi, urged Christians not to give up hope. "We must celebrate the birth of our redeemer. It is no small sacrifice  that Jesus paid with his becoming flesh, dying on the cross [and resurrecting from death] just to redeem me and all the world."


He said, Christians "are called by Christ to follow him; this is in spite of what is happening in the world, including Jos. We will celebrate Jesus; it's a choice we have made and to do otherwise  is to submit to a defeated foe - Satan. Good will always win over evil."

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), an advocacy group closely monitoring the situation, said the the bombings in Jos constitute "a significant escalation" in the violence in Plateau State, while the attacks in Maiduguri appear to herald "an unwelcome new dimension" to the violence perpetrated by "extremist" groups.

Elsewhere, in the Philippines, at least six people were injured when a bomb rocked an early morning Christmas mass in a church at a military base in Jolo on the Muslim-dominated southern Sulu island, the military said.

Spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Randolf Cabangbang said the Catholic priest celebrating mass was among those wounded. Parts of the roof and ceiling were destroyed, causing the injuries, Cabangbang added. No group claimed responsibility for the attack, but the separatist Abu Sayyaf movement has been blamed for several bombings on the Roman Catholic cathedral in Jolo since the early 2000s and for kidnapping priests and nuns.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Black Africa: The inattention, neglect, and betrayal should not be repeated

Hugh Fitzgerald

Black Africa is a battlefield between Islam and Christianity. Individual Christian missions, and are doing, have done a great deal of good. But Christians in black Africa need more support, tangible and visible, from the outside world. The spectacle of Muslims in Nigeria being allowed to throttle the Christians (Ibo and others) of the south during the Biafra War (1967-1969), with Egyptian pilots strafing Ibo villages and only two countries in the world (Ghana and Israel) willing to recognize an independent Biafra, should never be repeated. The forces of Biafra were fighting against the “Jihad” (Col. Ojukwu’s own word in the Ahiara Declaration), while what was seen as the Christian world did nothing. It did not help the cause of Christianity in Africa.

The spectacle of the Western powers, held in Africa to represent Christianity, doing nothing or very little while, almost at will, Muslim Arabs continued to kill, or starve to death, by taking away their cattle or destroying their crops, the Christian and animist black Africans in the southern Sudan, and did this without any consequences over several decades, with nearly 2 million dead a result, also did not help the cause of Christianity in black Africa.

It is time for something dramatic to be done so that the Western world makes clear it will take the side of the Christians where they are under assault. Should a new Biafra be declared, the Western world should support and not shun it. In the Sudan, the Americans should — but this will await, as so much awaits, removal of American forces from tarbaby Iraq — enter, and smash in the first hour the capacity of the Sudanese government to conduct its renewed campaign of murder (so much for that “treaty”) in the southern Sudan and its newer mass murder in Darfur. Then they should seize both the southern Sudan and Darfur and hold them, to protect the black African populations, until such time as a referendum on self-rule can be held without interference by the government in Khartoum.

The spectacle of American soldiers, having dealt a blow to whatever Sudanese army or air force exists, and having cleared Darfur overnight of Janjaweed (General Mattis might take particular pleasure in being put in charge of that), being warmly greeted by black Africans in both places, will be hard to disavow. What will the U.N. do? Deplore the protection of black Africans, either Muslim or non-Muslim, in Darfur and the south? And what will the E.U do? They can not, at this point, denounce the Americans for such an obviously humanitarian mission. It should galvanize support for, and encourage intelligent understanding of, the need for this kind of counter-Jihad.

In that event, what would the Arab League do? It has been foursquare behind the Sudanese government in Darfur, as it was in the southern Sudan — or where it was not approving openly, then it was approving secretly. For who cares about non-Muslims being killed or Arab Muslims killing non-Arab Muslims? There was not a syllable of protest over the massacre of the Kurds by Arabs in Iraq. There was not a syllable of protest by the same Arab League over the use of the criminal law to punish the Berbers for using their own language and preserving their own culture for so many decades. (Recently, the Algerian government was forced by pressure from Berbers within Algeria to change those laws). What will the Arab League do? Declare the divine right of Arab Muslims to rule over and massacre non-Arab Muslims?

All that is being suggested is that word should get around that the Western world will no longer support countries or peoples equally. It is going to give its aid only to those who are not engaged now, or in a possible future, in Jihad, but to those countries where non-Muslims live, or where they currently withstand Muslim pressure, inside and out, and if given aid can make Christianity more attractive to those who might otherwise be tempted by Islam. The Infidel wold should eliminate economic, diplomatic, and other kinds of aid for countries where the jihad ideology is being spread. An example of a country deserving of special attention and support is Ethiopia. Its efforts to divert some of the headwaters of the Nile for irrigation projects should be encouraged, and threats by Egypt against Ethiopia taken note of, and Egypt put on notice. And that Jizyah to Egypt that the Americans keep sending, should end. Egypt is not our “ally” nor our “staunch ally.” It is a country that officially and unofficially has done everything to promote anti-Americanism and antisemitism (government television beaming a series based on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, for example), it has failed to meet any of its solemn commitments under the Camp David Accords, and Copts have been under attack for decades — it was during the reign of Saint Sadat that Pope Shenouda II first went into self-imposed isolation as a protest against the government. Egypt needs to be taken off the American Infidel dole, until it changes its ways completely. Let all Muslim states be made aware that they are now on their own — and they can go, hat in hand, as the “Palestinians” should be made to, to their fabulously rich Muslim brothers in the Gulf, and see how that works out. And that change in policy will be noticed throughout Africa, and not merely by Egypt’s immediate neighbors.

Finally, in black Africa, more needs to be done to publicize the longest and most devastating trade in black Africans — that of the Arabs. And that information should not only be spread in Africa, but in the Western world, since Islam’s missionaries have deliberately targeted black populations on the assumption that they can continue to present Islam — falsely — as an appropriate vehicle for the expression of dismay with, or alienation from, the larger society. For Islam suppresses music and art and science. Islam does not encourage “social justice”: good god, just look at Saudi Arabia, look at the zamindars and generals of Pakistan, look at the corrupt military rulers of Egypt and Algeria, the petty kings of Jordan and Morocco, the police-state of Tunisia — one uninterrupted series of despotisms. It is also false that Islam discourages “materialism.” Pay a visit to the souks of the Gulf statelets or Saudi Arabia — shopping is all there is. There isn’t anything else.

But more important, for helping to immunize important target populations for jihad subversion in the Western world, would be a clear and deliberate sign of Western protection of black African Christians from continued depredations, persecution, and even mass murder, by those pushing Islam in Africa. Black African Christians were abandoned to their fate in southern Nigeria and southern Sudan. That inattention, that neglect, that betrayal, should not be repeated.

Islamic jihadists plotting to poison multiple U.S. buffets and salad bars


Al Qaeda terrorists planned to poison food at multiple US hotels and restaurants over a single weekend, it has been revealed this morning.
The 'credible' plot involved slipping the poisons cyanide and ricin into salad bars and buffets, according to CBS news.

The terrorist group behind the failed 'ink cartridge' attacks on cargo planes in October were said to have hatched the plan.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula branded the plot 'Operation Haemorrhage'.
Militants say the plot consists of 'attacking the enemy with smaller but more frequent operations' to 'add a heavy economic burden to an already faltering economy'....


The influential Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella organisation controlling many diverse 'peaceful' Muslim organisations in the West.

They have stated that their work in the West is a "kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions."

Islam divides the world into two implacably warring blocks - Dar al-Islam (the land that Islam controls) versus Dar al-Harb (the land of war which Islam does not yet control). Jihadists are instructed by the Koran to establish supremacy over kuffars (unbelievers) by any means necessary. Islam is a
classic meme or mind-virus whose primary objective is to propagate itself no matter how much suffering and death it causes in the process, just like the rabies virus.

Since Islam is a vicious, wicked and thoroughly disgusting cult with a particularly loathsome founder , it can't spread in the manner of other religions by voluntary conversion, but has to force itself on people by intimidation and terror. And that's where Jihad comes in.

We normally think of Jihad in terms of major attacks like 9/11, 7/7, Mumbai and the child rape and massacre at Beslan , but in fact the aggression can take on many subtler forms, not all of them illegal. The thin ends of a thousand wedges are slowly being inserted into the structure of Western civilisation.

Here are just a few of the forms that jihad can take, no doubt you can think of others:

ARMED JIHAD - The objective is not only to cause death and destruction , such as 9/11, 7/7 and Beslan, but also to force the kuffars to waste vast amounts of money and military manpower on security, thus furthering the Economic Jihad.

CENSORSHIP JIHAD - The Islamic belief system is primitive, tribal and illogical and cannot withstand the light of rational analysis . All criticism of Islam must therefore be shut down.

CORRUPTION JIHAD - The objective is to undermine kuffar public confidence in institutions such as the police, medical profession etc.

CULTURAL JIHAD Jihadists try to destroy infidels' monuments, sacred sites, heritage, culture and works of art.

DEMOGRAPHIC JIHAD - The objective is for jihadists to gain power by breeding faster than other sections of the population. Jihadist women are breeding machines who produce vast numbers of children and now that polygamy has been legalised jihadist men are free to import up to four wives each.

- Jihadists try to dominate public space in the cities they are overrunning.

ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL JIHAD - The objective is to weaken the economies of kuffar nations by whatever means are possible, including welfare parasitism , crime and breeding of large useless swarms of inbred retards.

EDUCATIONAL JIHAD - Jihadists are seeking to remove non-Islamic subjects from the school curriculum and to Islamify schools by introducing jihadist observances and revisions of history.

FOREST FIRE JIHAD - Jihadists cause death and environmental devastation by setting fire to forests in Australia and Israel. Watch out for monastery properties!!

HIT AND RUN JIHAD - Cars are used as weapons in 'accidents' to kill kuffars.

HUMILIATION JIHAD - Islam is a culture obsessed with honor/shame and domination/subjugation. Islam will therefore look for any opportunity to degrade and humiliate the kuffars, such as the popular 'jihad-snuff videos' where kuffars are made to beg for their lives and then ritually slaughtered anyway.

IMMIGRATION JIHAD - Jihadists are illegally swarming into Western Europe. Once established they bring in their very extended families by 'chain-migration' so that before you know it one jihadist has brought in his entire village.

INFILTRATION JIHAD - Similar to Corruption Jihad except that the objective is to infiltrate institutions in order to make them useful to jihadists.

INTIMIDATION JIHAD - Jihadists are quick to take offence at the slightest provovation . This makes the kuffars eager to appease their demands to avoid trouble. Of course appeasement only gives rise to further demands - give an inch and they'll take a mile.

LAWFARE OR LITIGATION JIHAD - Offended jihadists are very keen to sue kuffars on the slightest pretext. The objective is not necessarily to win the case but to harass the kuffars and force them to spend vast amounts of money on their legal defence.

MOSQUE-BLIGHT JIHAD - Having a mosque near you is about the worst form of property blight imaginable. Mosques act as the nuclei of jihadist ghettos around which ever-expanding no-go areas grow. Infidels are forced to sell their homes to jihadists at massively reduced prices by campaigns of intimidation.

NARCO JIHAD - Jihadists are the major suppliers of heroin. This trade supplies funding for jihad and helps destroy kuffar society.

SEXUAL JIHAD - Rape and paedophilia are and always have been essential weapons in jihad. Kuffar women and children are booty to be enjoyed by their conquerors. Paedophile abductions of kuffar children by jihadist pimps have become commonplace.

STREET JIHAD - Young kuffar boys, usually alone or in small groups, are set upon and viciously attacked by much larger groups of older youths and men. These crimes are usually hushed up by the media eg
Kriss Donald castrated, blinded and burned alive; Henry Webster skull smashed in three places and permanently brain-damaged, and many more only reported in the local press. Gays are particular targets for street jihad.

TOXIC JIHAD - Jihadists contaminate food to be served to kuffars with their feces and urine and human remains of their victims. . Latest - Water Supply and Salad bar jihad. Watch out for theological institutes!!

VICTIMHOOD JIHAD - Jihadist aggressors and supremacists usually try the role reversal trick. They claim victimhood for themselves and accuse their victims of 'racism', despite the fact that Islam is not a race.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Arab Muslims are dictating other nationalities and imposed Islamic religion on them forcibly


The Arab Muslims dictated the other nationality (Non Arab people), such as Kurds, Jews, Berbers in North Africa, Copts in Egypt, Sudanese (Dinka speaking) Christians in Sudan, and forth. These non Arab nationalities are still subject to discrimination, massacre, assassinations, kidnapping, abducting and even the Arabs tried to wipe off these entire nationalities and at the result, this massacre had an enormous impact of their cultures, heritage, religions, and their identities.

During the spread of Islam 13 centuries ago even and afterwards, the Arab Muslims forcibly conquered other lands of non (Arab nations), for instance, Kurdistan, Iran, Judea (the Jews land), North Africa, South of Sudan (Christian people). During the Arab occupation, they tried to occupy their lands and to change their identity by imposing the Arab language on them, and by prohibiting their native languages to be used in education. They are still not allowed to name their kids using Kurdish, Judean, or African names. They are not allowed to follow their religions, for example Islam was forcibly imposed on the Kurds and even the Holly book of Avesta was destroyed by Omar Ibn al-Khatab, as a result of this the Zoroastrian religion was wiped out.

These nationalities are predating Arabs in the Middle East by thousands of years. But their lands are still occupied by the Arabs. The Arab invaders established dozen scores of Arab states. The Kurds in Syria for instance have not got any basic human rights, such as Syrian passport, Citizenship and their language is prohibited to be taught in education. The flow of the Islamic occupation has made our land to be restrained by the Arabs and then Arab migration started on our land and then started the unpopular (Arabaziation Policy) in Kurdistan, and in other (non Arab lands), for instance Tikrit used to be a Kurdish city and Salahaddin Al-Aiwbi was born in the same city, but now conquered by them.

The dirty Arabization policy is still in place for instance the Kurds during the time of the former executed Saddam Hussein; hundreds of thousands of Kurds from the city of Kerkuk were expelled from their homeland. Then their homes were given to the Arab occupiers. After that, they became refugees

in other countries and even in their own land in the past and at the present time. The former Iraqi Government did not stop its aggression against the Kurds and continuously expelled hundreds of thousands of Kurdish Jews and Feli Kurds from the city of Baghdad and the other parts of Kurdistan. This is the fairness of the Arabs. Hundreds thousands of Jews people from Morocco left and went to Israel. May be more than a million Arabs live in Israel (the land of Judea), but they have their own passport, they use their own language without any restrictions, but the Kurds in their own land are not allowed to use their language and they have been excluded from their basic rights as human beings.

The Arabs have destroyed our culture and religion, for instance, I went to A Kurdish Art Gallery show that was held in the suburb of Liverpool in Sydney Australia, on Sunday afternoon 4th July, the Art Gallery Show was held by Adnan Kerkuki and was supported by United Kurdish Association of NSW. We looked at his show, it was great, but unfortunately, it was poorly presented and the pictures were not put in frames or glass covers, but the contents were very good and could attract the hearts of people that looked at the show.

Adnan had presented a similar Art Gallery in Erbil (Hewler) the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, but in a better way as he said. His next Art Gallery is going to be in London.

The contents of the Art Gallery were great and he had so many photographs that were taken from Kerkuk, the historical Kurdish city of South Kurdistan. He had photos in the show that some of the writings’ history go back to thousands years. He had a photo of the Prophet Daniel’s grave, but unfortunately his grave was covered in green fabric, and a (verse) piece of Koran was written on it, in Arabic. Daniel, from Hebrew word meaning God is my Judge, is one of the major prophets of the Old Testament.

Next, what I saw in one of his photographs, he put two different photos next to each other, when I realised that one of the pictures even predating Jesus Christ and had a (Minaret) in it, originally which belongs to the old Kurdish Zoroastrian and Yezidi religions. But the second picture had the same (Minaret), but the top of the Minaret was changed and was put an arch which indicates mosque minaret. Then at the result of these changes, I believe strongly that the Arab Muslims tried to change our religion forcibly, and change our true identity by misleading. They stole them and used them as their own.

Daniel was of royal family maybe born in or near Jerusalem about 622 B.C. The tomb attributed to Daniel is located in the Kirkuk Citadel in the city of Kirkuk, (Kurdistan of Iraq), historically the site was a Jewish temple then afterwards, and it was changed into a Christian church and at the end was turned into a Muslim mosque. The mosque has arches, pillars and two domes on a decorated base and beside it, there are three minarets. The mosque is around 400 square meters and it has four tombs which they belong to (Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. As the respect of Kirkuk people towards Christians and Jews was so boundless, they like to bury their dead next to Daniel's Tomb. This famous and historic graveyard regarded as the first cemetery in Kirkuk.

The grave of profit Daniel proves that the Jews people lived in Israel and the Middle East before the existence of the Arabs in the area. The minaret tells me the existence of the Kurds religion and the Zoroastrian religion survived thousands of years before the Arab invaders invaded Kerkuk and the Middle East in general. They have given every right to themselves in our land but they call us Koofar (infidels) or Second Jews state people, and even they call the Sudanese people (Kurds), because they are asking for their basic human rights.

I want to tell the world about the brutality of the Arab Muslims. When I was a child my parents were exiled to Baghdad by the former Saddam’s regime during 1968 and I was living with my grandparents in the sacred town of Berzinje for over 3 years.

The Kurdish people in those days were working very hard in order to build their houses and to live with out relaying on somebody else support. The Iraqi governments in the past had never given financial support such as home loans or any social benefits to ease the lives of people. People had to rely on themselves in order to survive. My grandparents and other close relatives had vineyards to rely on and they had to look after their farms all through the year. You know later on what happened to those houses,www.ekurd.netvineyards and farms, maybe you don’t. I was a refugee in Turkey in 1988 and then headed to Australia in 1989, when I was told by my cousin what happened to our ancient town and their vineyards; they were all burnt down to the ground, including their houses.

The Muslim Arab solders put TNT under the ground floor of each house, and then they all blew up. Their farms and vineyards were destroyed by air bombs and artillery missiles until they were all burnt down and made to be flatted with the ground. Dear readers you decide who are unbelievers and infidels, the Kurds or the Arab Muslim solders. Two houses of my two grandparents were flatted to the ground, my aunt, cousins, relatives and many friends. More than 600 houses were destroyed and ruined by the Arabs and even now people are not able to rebuild their houses due to having lack of financial support.

Canadian-Arab Christians targeted on website

More than 100 Canadian-Arab Christians are listed on an al-Qaeda affiliated website, apparently targeted because of their alleged role in attempting to convert Muslims.

Some of those named say concerned Canadian intelligence officials have contacted them.
The Shumukh-al-Islam website, often considered to be al-Qaeda's mouthpiece, listed pictures, addresses and cellphone numbers of Coptic Christians, predominantly Egyptian-Canadians, who have been vocal about their opposition to Islam.

In a forum on the website, one member named Son of a Sharp Sword, said, "We are going to return back to Islam and all of the Mujahedeen [holy warriors] will cut off their heads."

Three pages of the fundamentalist, Arabic-language website titled "Complete Information on Coptics" sets to "identify and name all of the Coptics throughout the world who hope to defame Islam." The website calls the Coptic Christians living abroad "dogs in diaspora," a derogatory reference in Arabic.

Among those named on the Shumukh-al-Islam website is Samuel Tawadrous, a Coptic Egyptian living in Quebec.

"This is a direct threat against our lives," Tawadrous said in an interview.

"They are trying to inform each other in hopes that someone can carry out this threat. They could be in Egypt and they could be here. Our names and our pictures are listed."

Tawadrous's picture and cellphone number were listed on the site.

One of the prominent figures listed on the website is Salim Naguib, who helped establish a Coptic organization in Canada. Naguib is described on the website as opposing Islamic Shariah and as converting Muslims to Christianity. His picture, career background and cellphone number are listed on the website.

But he said in an interview he won't be frightened.

"I only fear God," said Naguib when reached by phone. "These websites mean nothing any more."

Coptic Christians are predominantly a part of the Orthodox Church. Coptics are synonymous with Egypt and make up the largest Christian community in the Middle East.

Sherif Mansour said he found out he was named on the website when intelligence officials called him.
"They asked me, 'Are you afraid?' I said 'Should I be?"' said Mansour, who has run a business in Quebec for the past 22 years since emigrating from Egypt.

Mansour laughed at the threat, but said he recognizes the seriousness of the matter.

"These issues can't be taken lightly anymore. … If they [Muslim fanatics] had the guts to fly a couple of planes into buildings and kill thousands of people, what would be the big deal with just one person? Nothing. Am I afraid of it? No, not really," said Mansour, who is an active member of the Coptic church in Canada.

Mansour believes he is being targeted because of comments he made in an interview on CTV where he was discussing the media's coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian war.

Mansour said the fact that his picture, cellphone number and comments are displayed on the Shumukh-al-Islam website is an indication that fanatics are keeping a close eye on what happens in Canada.

Shumukh-al-Islam lists more than 200 Arab Christians in Egypt, Europe and North America. More than 100 of them are listed as being in Canada.


Sudan's Bashir sees Islamic law, defends flogging

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on Sunday that the country's north will reinforce its Islamic law after a referendum expected to grant independence to the south, in a speech in which he also defended police who were filmed flogging a woman.

"If south Sudan secedes, we will change the constitution and at that time there will be no time to speak of diversity of culture and ethnicity," President Omar Hassan al-Bashir told supporters at a rally in the eastern city of Gedaref.
"Sharia and Islam will be the main source for the constitution, Islam the official religion and Arabic the official language," he said.

Southerners are now three weeks away from the scheduled start of a vote on whether to declare independence or stay part of Sudan -- a plebiscite promised in a 2005 peace deal that ended decades of war between the Muslim north and the south where most follow traditional beliefs and Christianity.

That 2005 accord set up an interim constitution that limited Islamic sharia law to the north and recognised "the cultural and social diversity of the Sudanese people".

Bashir also defended police shown lashing a woman in a film that appeared on the video-sharing website YouTube.

"If she is lashed according to sharia law there is no investigation. Why are some people ashamed? This is sharia," he said.

The case of Sudan

Sudan presents a religiously divided / pluralistic society. It is estimated that more than 70% of the Sudan’s present population are Sunni Muslims. About 11% belong to indigenous African religions and about 19% are Christians. The Muslim population is concentrated in the north, while the Christians and the practitioners of traditional indigenous religions live in the south or in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile areas in central Sudan. An exception to this spatial ordering are the long established Coptic Christians who share urban space with Muslims in the North. Growing adherence to Christianity is reported among southerners, Nuba and other groups in Sudan. Such growth could have been at the expense of the traditional indigenous religions. At least two million southern Christians have settled in northern semi-urban areas as internally displaced resulting from the civil war.

Islam and the state structures have been closely related in Sudan – even since long before the time of the Mahdiyyah of the late 19th century. The Muslim groups in Sudan made efforts to enforce an Islamic state on Sudanese society. Through their conceptualisations of an Islamic state, they have been crucial to the definition of the Sudanese political system. At present, these Muslim groups share the objective of creating an Islamic state, but they have radically different views on the strategies and the socio-economic and political structures of this state.

Since the installation of a new “islamic order” (nizam islami) under President Jaafar Nimeiri in 1983, every civil or military government has had to deal with public discussions about shari’a. In an political atmosphere ripe with allegations of heterodoxy and even apostasy shari’a as the will of God had assumed a highly legitimising function in political debates. The National Salvation Government, which has been the outcome of June 1989 military coup, has formally opted for Islam as its system of government and followed the previously existing Islamic model since its introduction in September 1983. Within this government, there is strong support for the rule by means of the Islamic shari’a laws in all aspects of public life all over the country.

Importantly, the Sudan’s Constitutional Decree No. 7 in 1993, while affirming that “Islam is the guiding religion for the overwhelming majority of the Sudanese people,” states that “revealed religions such as Christianity, or traditional religious beliefs, may be freely adopted by anyone with no coercion in regards to beliefs and no restriction on religious observances”. Although the laws recognise Sudan as a multi-religious country, in practice, the government treats Islam as the state religion. More and above, an important part of the government’s political agenda has been to act as an Islamic model-state in the region and to gain ideological influence in other African states with substantial Muslim populations.

Christians have struggled against both the Islamising effects of the Khartoum governments and the perceived Arabising policies of the north. The initiatives of the various governments both elected and military have been seen as anti-Christian. The Nimeiri regime’s introduction of shari’a for all people, not just Muslims was resented by Christians. Making Arabic the language of education even in the South was viewed as a way of both de-culturing people and cutting them off from Anglophone education. The attempts at dialogue by Hassan al-Turabi were viewed with suspicion by both Christians and Muslims and seen as a political manoeuvre. The recently completed peace accord between Khartoum and the SPLA is again viewed with some perturbation.

Shari’a versus secular state has been a central issue in the civil war from 1983 to the present and, as such, an important topic in the Naivasha peace conferences. It will remain a fundamental issue in the constitutional debate following the peace process.

With the possible exception of Afghanistan and Iran Sudan presents the most vivid example of extreme societal regulation through the application of shari’a. Legislation in every field has been inspired by this state interpreted form of shari’a. Socio-cultural groups who had for generations taken for granted that they practised shari’a in their daily dealings with land law, personal law or the law of inheritance for instance, have been confronted with this new shari’a legislation which renders their traditional legal ideas illegal and against the will of God.

The introduction of shari’a law and the implementation of the Islamic state may be regarded as decisive moves in the Arabo-Islamic “civilisational project” which aims at cultural hegemony of the central Nile Valley over the peripheral regions of the Sudan and the construction of a Sudanese Arabo-Islamic nation within the global umma of which Sudanese Islamic leaders view themselves as the avantgarde. The project of hegemony has met with varying responses throughout the Sudanese society ranging from overt rebellion to hidden resistance and strategic appropriation to wholehearted acceptance. An important aspect of these struggles about shari’a is the fact that beyond the articulate claims and counterclaims of the audible debate there is a largely hidden “debate” expressed in rituals, bodily performances and everyday social negotiations that tend to escape the attention of the scholar who concentrates on the public, articulate aspects of shari’a but which nevertheless constitutes a very real contested domain of contest.

Islamic Militants Destroy underground Christian library in Somalia

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on December 16, members of Al-Shabaab, an Islamic militant group, destroyed a Christian library in the Luuq district of Somalia.

The militants destroyed the library and brought Bibles, Christian books, and audio/video materials to the city center and burned them after the Muslim noon prayer. The guardian of the library fled the area hours after the library was found by the Islamists. His whereabouts are unknown.

Al-Shabaab’s district commissioner in Luuq, Sheik Farhaan Abdi Elmoghe, described the discovery of the library as "a blow to the misguided Somali Christians."

The library was located in a derelict farm on the Juba River. It is not uncommon for the persecuted Somali Christians to literally bury their Bibles and other Christian materials because of intense persecution from Islamists.

Speaking from Mogadishu to ICC, a leader of an underground church said, "The library served as an underground Somali Bible college, [and it’s] one of the biggest and the most comprehensive Somali Christian libraries in southern Somalia." He further added that the destruction of the library would not stop the Somali Christians from studying the scriptures.

Al-Shabaab has openly declared that it wants to wipe out Christianity from Somalia. This year alone, the Islamists have killed at least half a dozen Somali Christians. Despite the attacks by Islamists, the number of Somali Muslims converting to Christianity has grown in the past 15 years.

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho, said, "Christians in Somalia are paying the ultimate price for their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s high time for the churches throughout the world to stand with the underground churches of Somalia. Unfortunately, the world has ignored the atrocities that Al-Shabaab has been committing against innocents in Somalia."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nazism and Islamism

The Islamiic Jihad against America, Israel, "The West" and Jews in general can be traced back to organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the leader of which was affiliated with Adolf Hitler and to which both Yasser Arafat and Osama Bin Laden had connections. The question this thread therefore raises is whether Hitlers agenda to Exteriminate Jews lives on in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar cults.

The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928. Some say it was founded by Wahabists. Wahabism is an extremist form of Islam which envisions an Absolute Islamic empire which has no place for Jews or Christians, much less Atheists. Wahabism was responsible for banning all other Religions from Saudi-Arabia. Its goal is a worldwide Empire under Sharia Law. According to the pan-arabic doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood, the entire Middle East must be completely free of any non-muslims. Hence Zionists (Jewish Settlers) must be removed. The Muslim Brotherhood founded the Hamas. This thread theorizes that it also had it or similar groups also had their hand in founding Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. The reason for this is that they all share similar literature and Ideology. A muslim-nazi (in this case Bosnian) Flag of WWII:

One of the most influential leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood was Amin Al-Husseini. Al-Husseini travelled to Germany in WWII to forge an Alliance with Hitler and spend time at his side. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazi Party of Germany shared the common goal of Exterminating Jews. With the help of Hitler, several anti-Jewish movements were formed in the Middle East. Abdul Gamal Nasser (who would later become President of Egypt), founded a socialist Party called "Young Egypt", modelled after the Nazi-Party. The slogan of Young Egypt was the same as Hitlers: "One Folk, One Party, One Leader". Nazi hate-literature such as "Mein Kampf" and supposed "Conspiracy Theories" about "Zionists" such as the "Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion" became Bestsellers in Arab countries. In some countries they became part of the school curriculum. According to such literature, Jews secretly rule the world.

As the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and just having returned from Germany after the War, Al-Husseini co-founded the Arab League, which inteded to follow the Vision for one pan-arabic Empire under Sharia Law.

Under guidance of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Pan-Arabic plan, settlers only started to move to Israel when it became clear that Jews were moving back there. In my opinion, "Palestinians" are an invention of the Muslim Brotherhood, loosely based on the biblical "Philistine" that was in the area that is now called Gaza-Strip. There is no such thing as "Palestinians". The people that are today known as "Palestinians" moved in from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to fight the Holy-War (Jihad) against Jews. A part of this "Holy War" is the dissemination of "conspiracy-theories" about Jews in schools, in the media and the Internet. These theories are meant to portray Jews as evil perpetrators and themselves as victims. A brief look at this map reveals that Muslims are not as helpless and victimized as generally assumed:

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their goal was not to have a Palestinian State, but to conquer Jews. Hence Husseini, as President of the Arab League, commanded: "I declare Holy War my Muslim Brothers! Murder the Jews!". Contrary to the misinformed publics opinion, it is not the goal of the Hamas-Palestinians to have a Palestinian nation (they have been given dozens of chances to have their own nation), but to destroy Israel. People keep asking "Why is this conflict going on for so long? Why cant any of the mediators help? Why is no solution found?". The answer is, that the Muslim Brotherhood does not want any solution than what Hitler called "Final Solution". These people are therefore not only the enemy of Israel and America, but also the enemy of all non-extremist muslims.

The wars against Israel were not declared by single nations, they were declared by the Arab-League, i.e. by Pan-Arabic Islamofascism. Lebanons wars against Israel (Lebanon was a multi-religious, democratic and open society before the Iran-sponsored Extremists took over), Egypts wars against Israel, Syrias Wars against Israel, Jordans wars against Israel were all orchestrated by the Arab-League.

In 1964 the Arab League solidified the existence of a "Palestinian" people by founding the marxist "Palestinian Liberation Organisation" (PLO). The fact that it was founded 15 years after Israel was created, reveals the artificial nature of the overall "conflict". Its stated goal was the "Liberation of the Palestinian people through armed struggle". In 1987 The Muslim Brotherhood founded Hamas, another terrorist organization. From the Hamas charter:

„The Day of Judgement will not come about until Moslems fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, (evidently a certain kind of tree) would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.„

Just like Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Hamas promotes anti-jewish Conspiracy-Theories to justify the Jews Exterimination:

„They were behind World War I, when they were able to destroy the Islamic Caliphate, making financial gains and controlling resources. They obtained the Balfour Declaration, formed the League of Nations through which they could rule the world. They were behind World War II, through which they made huge financial gains by trading in armaments, and paved the way for the establishment of their state. It was they who instigated the replacement of the League of Nations with the United Nations and the Security Council to enable them to rule the world through them. There is no war going on anywhere, without having their finger in it.

„Today it is Palestine, tomorrow it will be one country or another. The Zionist plan is limitless. After Palestine, the Zionists aspire to expand from the Nile to the Euphrates. When they will have digested the region they overtook, they will aspire to further expansion, and so on. Their plan is embodied in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and their present conduct is the best proof of what we are saying.“

These are the same claims Hitler made about the Jews to justify genocide. These are the same claims that the current Iranian Regime is making about Jews. Iranian leader Ahmadinejad is known for his Holocaust-Denial and his financial backing of both Hamas, Hezbollah and other "freedom fighters". The Hamas echoes Irans opinions on the Holocaust:

„This conference bears a clear Zionist goal, aimed at forging history by hiding the truth about the so-called Holocaust, which is an alleged and invented story with no basis. The invention of these grand illusions of an alleged crime that never occurred,“

The Hamas share an insanity similar to Nazis in that they have no qualms sending out innocent children as suicide bombers, calling them "freedom fighters for Allah".

In connection with the U.S. war against Soviet Communism in Afghanistan, the CIA temporarily forges an alliance with extremists such as Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden later breaks his ties with America and is funded by Saudis to build Al Qaeda - imo yet another manifestation of the Muslim Brotherhood whos goal it is to rid the world of democratic western-style democracies such as America, Europe and Israel. Israel is the only open and democratic society of the Middle East and it is their priority to get rid of it first. The claim that Osama bin Laden was "created" by the U.S. is propaganda waged by extremists. The popular claim that 9/11 was done by the Mossad also originates from that same source and directly contradicts the fact that many islamo-extremists celebrated 9/11 as a victory against the Jewish/American "oppressor".

Between 1989 and 1996 Islamic-Jihad in Sudan kills 4 Million people. Bin Laden and his Muslim Brotherhood friends Al-Zahawiri and Al-Bashir masterminded the largest genocide since Hitlers bloodthirsty rampage through Europe. In 1994 yet another offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood is founded: The Taliban of Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden returns from Sudan to join the Taliban.

The entire "War on Terror" is actually a continuation of the War against Nazis. Nazism survived. After WWII, through Project Paperclip, many German scientists were recruited to America. But most of the military officers obtained Visas to places like Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon. This is why Nazi-literature started appearing there in the 1950s. This is why between the late 40s and 70s one war after another was waged on the Jews from Arab states.

The public has been led to believe that the Mideast conflict is all about land and Palestinians wanting self-determination. But if that were true, the conflict would have ended long ago. This is a much larger conflict with much deeper agendas. Do you really believe that Jews wanting 1% of Arab land, a little strip in the Desert which was practically uninhabited before, would lead to 50 years of terror? Prior to Israel being founded, the area was ruled by the British Empire, not by "Palestinians". Before that it was ruled by the Turkish Empire, again, not by "Palestinians" Palestinians are mostly Jordanians. The Homeland of Palestinians is Jordan. 100 years ago a large number of Palestinians were actually Christian. They were driven away from the area to make place for the new agenda. The reason the "Palestinians" rejected the U.N. proposals AND the Oslo proposals which would have given them 97% of what they claimed they wanted + Jerusalem as their capital, is because they do not actually want "peace" or two nations. They want "A Palestinian Nation from Jordan to the Sea".

Egyptian state-run media defames Coptic Pope

A recently published column in the state-run daily al-Ahram newspaper carried an unprecedented attack on Egypt's patriarch, Pope Pope Shenouda III, the Coptic Church, and the Copts in general. The column entitled "2010 Copts," by Abdel-Nasser Salama, an obscure journalist, appeared on December 6; it accused Pope Shenouda of having instigated sectarian tension in Egypt ever since he became Pope in 1971, by introducing into the Egyptian society "terms such as sectarianism, sectarian strife, citizenship and the resort to foreign powers for support."

Salama accused Pope Shenouda of giving a speech in 1973 to the congregation in Alexandria in which he said, according to Salama, "the number of Christians in Egypt will be at par with the number of Muslims by the year 2000, according to the plan the church is implementing, described in the speech." In addition Salama claimed that the Pope allegedly called for "expelling the 'Muslim invaders' from Egypt".

The Chief editor of Coptic Newspaper Watani, Youssef Sidhom, wrote an editorial on December 12, blaming al-Ahram's editorial executives of allowing an article with such offensive and undocumented material to be published. "The column cited 'information which it claimed was historical fact and which 'proved' that Copts have been for decades acting in a treacherous manner against their homeland." Sidhom added that "it takes no effort to determine that the so-called 'information' is entirely groundless; its only base is in the writer's imagination."

"The issue this time is highly sensitive," said Dr. Gabraeel in an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm. "It's not a writer accusing the Copts of something; it's the official newspaper of the state launching an attack on the church's spiritual leader, Pope Shenouda III, who is a symbol for millions of Copts in and outs Egypt."

Dr. Naguib Gabraeel, who is head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization (EUHRO), filed a complaint on December 8 with the General Persecution Office, accusing al-Ahram of defaming Pope Shenouda III. The complaint included libel, false reporting, undermining social security and inciting sectarian unrest.

Salama said Copts are being "pampered" and "coddled" by the state, referring to the Incident of St. Mary and St.Michel Church in Omraniya on November 24 and the ensuing Coptic protests against halting their church construction, and the precedent of security forces opening fire on Coptic protesters, resulting in 4 Coptic fatalities, 79 injured and 157 Coptic detainees including women, teens and children as young as 11-years-old.

Several writers touched on the point of the state

's pampering and coddling of Copts and whether this was consistent with the different massacres of Copts such as el-Kosheh and the Christmas Eve Massacre in Nag Hammadi in 2010, the frequent torching of Copts' homes, looting of their property, displacement from their villages, abductions and forced Islamization of the minor girls and lack of freedom for worship.

Salama accused church officials of planning and staging the demonstrations in Omrania by bringing over youth from Upper Egypt for this purpose, and of aiming their aggression at police officers who were allegedly injured.

"How did our clergy plan these demonstrations when the Governor of Giza's secretary visited the premises and told the congregation on November 23 that the church permit has been changed," said Yacoub, "and congratulated them on the new church. This was on the evening of the surprise attack on them by security forces"

"The large amount of Molotov cocktails seized from the protesters, raises the question about the presence of weapons in churches," Mr. Salama wrote. The accusation of the Coptic church stockpiling weapons was claimed by Islamist Dr. El-Awa on September 15, during an interview of Al-Jezeera TV Channel.

Attorney Adel Mikhail, defense lawyer, confirmed that according to police reports, " no trace of Molotov cocktails whatsoever was found on the 157 detained demonstrators or any kind of weapons seized from them." He said that the detainees said that they never took part in the protestes but were picked up at ramdom and arrested by the police.

Mr. Salama said that the stance adopted by Pope Shenouda of non-condemnationn of the Copts involved in the recent attack "is quiet surprising and confirms that matters ought to be firmly resolved."

Pope Shenouda III, denounced what he described as the "excessive use of force against Coptic protesters", and announced that the Copts will not forget the blood of those who died during the church incident on November 24, adding "Power should be used to serve the people, not for violence. Violence only generates counter-violence."

During his weekly sermon on Wednesday December 8, the pope vowed that the church will do its best to bring justice to the victims even if it meant going to court, adding that "Coptic blood is not cheap"

Al-Ahram Editor in Chief Osama Saraya's apologized to Pope Shenouda on a front-page editorial on December 8 and the Church accepted his apologies and said it will not take legal action against the paper.

Copts were not satisfied , however, with this apology, viewing that Saraya highlighted the good qualities of Pope Shenouda, but did not refer to the other claims in the article. "On the contrary Saraya protected Salama by finding excuses for him," said Yacoub.

It was reported on December 11, that the Chairman of al-Ahram has stopped Abdel Nasser Salama from writing his column every Monday.

The majority of Coptic observers believe that this defamatory article would not have seen the light of day had it not been instigated by the State Security authorities. "What Salama has written was not a random article," said Dr. Gabraeel "The words reflect the government's policy of not only marginalizing the Copts, but of also degrading them."

'Coptic Blood is Not Cheap' Says Egyptian Coptic Pope

During his weekly sermon on Wednesday November 8 at St. Mark's Cathedral in Cairo, Coptic Pope Shenouda III said "Coptic Blood is not Cheap," referring to the Coptic young men killed after security forces opened fire on them on November 24. In response to a query from a Copt in the audience as to what was the church doing for the 157 Copts detained and charged in connection with the incident of St. Mary and St. Michel's Church in Talbiya, the Pope said "We are doing our best in this matter."

The 87-year-old pontiff verbally expressed his anger at the authorities in connection with the escalating assaults against Copts, which many view as a sign of a wide rift between the Pope and the government. He had previously denounced what he described as the "excessive use of force against Coptic protesters" on November 24, adding "Power should be used to serve the people, not for violence. Violence only generates counter-violence."

Pope Shenouda also criticized state security in connection with the incident of el-Nowahed in Abu-Tesht on November 15, in which 22 Coptic homes were torched by Muslims and no charges have been levied against any of the Muslim perpetrators, who have been identified. "Where are the Security Forces and where are the compensations for those poor people," said the Pope, "If they won't then we will".

The latest attack on the Copts took place on November 24, when Security forces clashed with Coptic protesters at several locations, after authorities halted construction of St. Mary and St. Michel's Church, in Talbia, Omrania district, preparing for its demolition. The authorities claimed that the building was licensed as a community center , while the church insists the permit has been changed by the Governor of Giza. It was reported that secretary to the Governor of Giza visited the congregation on November 23rd and congratulated them on the new church.

All persons arrested in the clash with state security, including minors, have been charged with premeditated attempted murder of police officers, illegal possession of weapons and explosives without a license, blocking public roads, destruction of public property for terrorism purposes, congregation in violation of the law, and rioting. Such charges carry sentences of 15 years imprisonment.

Lawyer Adel Mikhail said that because the defendants were charged with possession of explosives, cases will be brought before a State Security Court.

Defense Lawyers had submitted an appeal to the Primary Giza Court on December 6, requesting the detainees' release, denying the existence of any justification for their detention. This was turned down and detainment of the detainees was renewed for a further 15 days, pending investigations.

"The accusations made against the detainees are not consistent with the facts. None of the prosecution records proved in any case signs of Molotov cocktails the presence of weapons," said lawyer Adel Mikhail, "These charges are based on hearsay."

On December 9, the Misdemeanor Appeals Court has turned down the release appeal for the Coptic defendants. and upheld the primary Court's decision of December 6.

Adel Mikhail said that the judge listened to the lawyers for over two and half hours, and if it was up to him, he would have released, the defendants. "I understood as a defense lawyer that our appeal was rebuffed due to top level instructions and a pre-agreed plan for the case," he said in an interview with Coptic activist Mariam Ragey.

"Most detainees were either going to school or university or as volunteers or paid workers in the building of the church, when they were arrested by the police." adding "prosecution knows that those defendants did not commit those crimes."

Human rights organizations inside and outside Egypt decried the unjust handling by State Security of the incident, especially the use of live ammunition on protesters. International Christian Concern called for the release of the detained Coptic children.

On November 8, fourteen Egyptian Human rights organizations, headed by the Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination, issued a statement criticizing the interference of state security in the investigations of the detainees, the deliberate medical neglect suffered by the injured defendants, and "to put an end to this security authorities farce, in which the accused are treated like prisoners, depriving them of the rights and guarantees which must not be compromised." The statement decried the crude treatment by security forces and the public persecution of the defense team

A number of rallies are to be staged next week in Europe , Canada, Australia and the US, against the Church incident, decrying the barbaric attack on Copts with live ammunition and demanding the release of those arrested, "who as usual, are taken as "hostages" by the authorities as a means to humiliate and blackmail the Coptic community," said the US-based Coptic Solidarity advocacy .

"2010 is a bloody year for the Copts, starting with the Christmas Eve Massacre on January 6 when six Coptic youth were killed when Islamists opened fire on worshipers as they left the prayer service," said activist Mark Ebeid, "and now comes the Massacre of Omraniya. The only difference is that in the first, three Islamists shot the Copts, but in Omraniya, the mighty State Security did the shooting themselves on the unarmed Copts."

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Endless Islamic suppression and humiliation of Egyptian Christians. Call for Ethiopian solidarity

In a sinister, provocative and vile act that further highlights the bigotry of the lawless land of Egypt under the rule of Mubarak, the Islamists swine converted a four storey dwelling into a mosque directly opposite the Church of St. Mary and St. Michaels in Talbiya. This is the same church that the Egyptian security force attacked in a military style offensive on 24 November resulting in the murder of four Copts by the Egyptian security force. A licence to Kill and murder Copts.

The Giza Governorate in their pathetic discriminatory fashion did not raise an eye brow when the Islamists converted "overnight" a house facing the church into a mosque. If you are wondering, no the local governor did not send an army to treat the Islamists the same way they treated the Christians of Egypt. This new Mosque, proves beyond any doubt that the church was attacked because islamic neighbours do NOT want a church in that area, despite there been 1 million copts with no place of worship.

The new so-called "Ekhlass" mosque was converted secretly Thursday evening when a cloth sign was hastily hung outside a 4 story house. It was then used on Friday morning, when over 3000 Muslims prayed there, despite the presence of a large mosque on the other side of the bridge, not far from the new mosque. Apparently the owner of the house, which is still under construction, donated it.
The Governor under the Mubarak Regime did not say a word, and because they are Islamic swine, they did not need a permit the same way the Christians are forced to wait years for a presidential approval to build a Mosque.

"Of course the new mosque did not have to get a building license, local council or state security permission, as is the case with churches," said Coptic activist Mark Ebeid.

This perverted act was designed to prevent the Coptic church ever been approved, due to the minimum distance required by law between a church and a mosque, Copts view this conversion of the house into a new mosque "as a trick on the part of the government to make the completion and use of St. Mary's Church an impossibility."

"We are devastated," said a local Copt. "This church cost the poor people 7 million Egyptian pounds, which we collected by having to go without a lot in our homes, and there comes the governor and state security, angry because we built a dome and destroy it, kill our children, leave others maimed and the rest in prison for a very long time."

There is no doubt that Mubarak is a toothless tiger and allows this blatant discrimination to occur while he sleeps peacefully.

The radical bigoted Islamists dogs need to realise there is indeed a GOD. Whilst they perversely attack the Copts in every possible way under the false premise that they are untouchable, I warn them to be very careful, for the wrath of god has no boundaries. No one is beyond the reach of GOD and nothing will save you when God Almighty unleashes his vengeance upon you. Vengeance is mine said the lord.

President Mubarak with the greatest of respect and sympathy we are aware that you have already felt the pain and anguish of loosing a loved one, when your grandson passed away in May 2009. After having experienced such pain, “How In Gods Holy name can you allow a security force to inflict such pain on other families over the construction of a place of worship? (May God Have mercy upon the soul of your grandson and grant him eternal peace)

To add to the ridicule, pain, anguish and discrimination you sit by and allow the islamists to convert a house in to a mosque, where is the equal treatment. Where is the security force enforcing the rule of law?

The world at large is witnessing the Islamists abuse towards non Muslims. While the Coptic Christians may appear weak and defenceless to the Islamists, beware Jesus is there shepherd and guardian, and in his own time he will make Egypt aware of his benevolent existence. The Pharaoh treated Moses in the same way that your regime is treating the Christians, and we all now the end result of that belligerence. The world thought the Muslim Brotherhood were the greatest threat to non Muslims, how wrong we were. Your regime and it its bigoted attitude towards non Muslims is the venomous threat towards non Muslims.

The so-called Islamic republic of Egypt has only 1678 churches, but over 77674 mosques.

Christian Churches: 1678
Muslim Mosques: 77674

In addition Egypt is the country with the most number of mosque in the entire world.

Are the Islamists that desperate to prevent the construction of a church, that they can circumvent laws and erect or convert a Mosque at whim with no regard for laws and no action by your GOVERNMENT?

The Egyptian Government is proving itself to be a disgraceful entity intent on annihilation of the Copts. The Copts do not fear you or your Islamic government. We fear God almighty, and no one can circumvent God.

President Mubarak, Copts and Christians worldwide implore your immediate and personal intervention in this disgraceful and abusive conduct by your government officials. The ball is in your court. You are the leader and President, show some leadership and take control of the country that you have been entrusted with in your twilight years.

“Church building in Egypt is still partly governed by the Haayoni Decree of 1856, when Egypt was under Ottoman rule. After gaining independence in 1922, Egypt abolished all laws except for the Hamayouni Decree, which required the permission of the king or the president to build a church. In addition, in 1934 the Interior Minister, Al-Ezaby Pacha, issued a decree that stipulated 10 conditions that must be met prior to issuance of a presidential decree permitting the construction of a church. The conditions include the requirement that the distance between a church and a mosque be not less than 100 meters and the approval of the neighboring Muslim community.

Additional considerations or conditions are the number of Christians in the area and whether or not the proposed church is near the Nile, public utility or a railway.

The new Coptic Church of St. Mary and St. Michael's, in Talbiya, Giza, was the scene on November 24 of security forces fire and using tear gas on women, children and youth who were present at the church, in order to halt construction of the church and demolish the building (video). The clashes between security and the Copts resulted in the death of three Coptic men from bullet wounds and a four year old child from a tear gas being thrown inside the chapel. More than 79 Copts were wounded, some severely, and 157 people including women and children, were all charged, with premeditated murder of a police officer, assaulting security officers, rioting, theft and destruction of public property” (AINA 11-30-2010). Sounds exactly like the conduct of Mohammed their so called prophet.

Our Heart Felt appreciation to AINA and Mary Abdelmasih for alerting the world to the disgraceful conduct of Islam towards the Copts.

Let the actions of Egypt serve as a warning to every Non Muslim Land in the world.

Beware of the Perversion and abuse of Islam.

Maybe the entire world should Ban any construction of any new mosques until such time islamic countries like egypt can prove they will treat non muslims equally and equitably, otherwise for the love of sanity, spare yourselves the pain and suppress islam in your homelands.

To Ethiopia: Learn from Egypt, do what your brave forefathers used to do: Ethiopia should start dismantling all the Mosques built in Addis Ababa after 1989

To the USA: do not be fools, say absolutely NO to the ground zero Mosque and wake up to yourselves.

Enough is enough, we are sick of the bullshit that Islam is a peaceful religion, who the hell are you kidding.

If any of you actually believe the crap we are been pedalled and actually think islam is peaceful, PLEASE go live in egypt and get a reality check.

Al-Ahram claims: “Pope Shenouda III called for expelling the ‘Muslim invaders’” from Egypt.”

Egyptian Coptic activists filed a complaint on Wednesday with the General Persecution Office accusing state-run daily Al-Ahram of defaming Pope Shenouda III, head of Egypt’s Coptic Church, and inflaming sectarian tensions.

The move comes after Al-Ahram published a column on Monday that carried an unprecedented attack on Pope Shenouda III.

“We went to the General Prosecution Office in order to stop the attack on Copts and their spiritual leader by Al-Ahram,” Coptic Church lawyer Naguib Gebraeel told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Gabriel’s complaint accuses the government broadsheet of libel, false reporting, the undermining of social stability, and incitement of sectarian unrest.

In his weekly column, Al-Ahram journalist Abdel Nasser Salama held Shenouda accountable for inciting sectarian hatred between Muslims and Christian for the last four decades.

“Concepts such as sectarianism, citizenship and the resort to foreign powers for support only began circulating in popular discourse when Shenouda assumed the papacy in 1971,” Salama wrote.

Shenouda became the 117th pope of the Egyptian Coptic Church in November, 1971.

Salama claims that the pope told a Coptic congregation in 1973 that, “By the year 2000, the number of Christians will be equal to that of Muslims, according to the plan the church is implementing.”

Coptic Christians are said to account for roughly 10 percent of Egypt’s population of some 80 million.

In the same address, Salama went on to write, the pope also “called for expelling the ‘Muslim invaders’” from Egypt.

According to Gebraeel, such statements amount to defamation.

“These accusations are illegal since they defame someone and make claims about things that never happened,” he said. “I repeat–this alleged address by Pope Shenouda III is a fiction.”

Coptic Bishop Sergius Sergius issued a statement on Tuesday accusing the writer of “agitating the state against the church.”

“The issue this time is highly sensitive,” said Gabraeel. “It’s not a writer accusing the Copts of something; it’s the official newspaper of the state launching an attack on the church’s spiritual leader. Pope Shenouda III represents a symbol for millions of Copts inside and outside Egypt.”

Al-Ahram, Egypt’s most widely-read state newspaper, published the article in its Monday print edition. It also ran the article on its website before abruptly removing it.

Al-Masry Al-Youm failed to obtain a reaction to the legal complaint from Al-Ahram. Al-Ahram Editor-in-Chief Osama Saraya acknowledged on the front page of the Wednesday edition that Salam had been “out of line,” but had only been motivated by his fears of rising sectarian tension.

Saraya added that Shenouda represented “a national symbol for all Egyptians” and was therefore “beyond being evaluated by anybody.”

Salam in his article also accused church officials of recently planning and staging demonstrations in northern Cairo in which several police officers were injured and two Coptic protesters were killed. “The huge number of Molotov cocktails thrown in the Omraniya church riot shows that churches can be used for stockpiling weapons.”

Shenouda denounced what he described as the excessive use of force against Christian protesters, who clashed with security forces after authorities halted construction of a local church. Along with two Coptic fatalities, 157 were arrested, while church property suffered significant material damage.

Last September, prominent Islamic scholar Selim al-Awah accused Egyptian Copts of maintaining their own armed militia and stocking arms and ammunition in the country’s monasteries and churches. These and similar remarks caused public uproar among Copts.

The church quickly dismissed the allegations, describing them as “false and baseless” and aimed at igniting sectarian strife.

Several Islamic groups, meanwhile, have staged demonstrations against the pope in various cities across Egypt, accusing the church of detaining a Christian woman who they allege attempted to convert to Islam. The church has denied the allegations, going on to hint that the state had turned a blind eye to the demonstrations.

“What was written was not a random article,” said Gebraeel in reference to Salama’s article. “The words reflect the government’s policy of not only marginalizing the Copts, but of also degrading them.”

On Sunday, Shenouda refrained from casting a ballot in Egypt’s parliamentary run-offs in a move that some experts believe signaled his growing disappointment with the ruling regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

In the first round of polling, Shenouda voted for the liberal opposition Wafd Party, clearly expressing frustration with the Mubarak regime. Previously, Shenouda had always called on Copts to vote for Mubarak’s National Democratic Party (NDP).

Egypt’s Coptic minority has traditionally sided with the NDP, which, say some observers, it looks to for protection.

WikiLeaks: Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N' Roll in Saudi Arabia


"The full range of worldly temptations and vices are available -- alcohol, drugs, sex -- but strictly behind closed doors."

If you want to get your readers' attention, it's not a bad way to start. The language comes from a short but tantalizing U.S. diplomatic cable sent last year from the consulate in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia -- where alcohol is banned and carnal relations strictly regulated.

"Behind the facade of Wahabi conservatism in the streets, the underground nightlife for Jeddah's elite youth is thriving and throbbing," the cable begins.

In evidence, then Consul General Martin Quinn refers to a Halloween party last year. The redacted cable reads: "Along with over 150 young Saudis (men and women mostly in their 20s and early 30s), ConGenOffs accepted invitations to an underground Halloween party at Prince XXXX residence in Jeddah on XXXX."

"The scene resembled a nightclub anywhere outside the Kingdom: plentiful alcohol, young couples dancing, a DJ at the turntables, and everyone in costume," it said.

The notorious Vice Police were nowhere to be seen "because the religious police keep their distance when parties include the presence or patronage of a Saudi royal and his circle of loyal attendants." There are literally thousands of princes in Saudi Arabia, but the host of this event was able to trace his lineage back to a direct ancestor of King Abdullah.

As for the details of the party, the cable continues: "The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using sadiqi, a locally-made moonshine.... It was also learned through word-of-mouth that a number of the guests were in fact 'working girls,' not uncommon for such parties."

The cable goes on to make the point that black-market liquor is prohibitively expensive -- even for princes. A bottle of Smirnoff vodka might cost the equivalent of $400. "Additionally, though not witnessed directly at this event, cocaine and hashish use is common in these social circles and has been seen on other occasions," it adds.

The Consul General draws an interesting conclusion at the end of his dispatch. "Parties of this nature and scale are believed to be a relatively recent phenomenon in Jeddah. ...It is not uncommon in Jeddah for the more lavish private residences to include elaborate basement bars, discos, entertainment centers and clubs."

"As one high society Saudi remarked, "The increased conservatism of our society over these past years has only moved social interaction to the inside of people's homes."

What about Somalia?


For several years the Somalia-based Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab has been diligently recruiting new members in the United States, efforts that have produced both a disturbing and growing increase in the radicalization of young Somali-Americans.

When 19 year-old Somali-born Mohamed Osman Mohamud was arrested on November 27 for his failed attempt to blow up a van full of dummy explosives at a tree-lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, some saw the influence of Al-Shabab.

However, law enforcement officials were quick to insist Mohamud had not been directed by any foreign terrorist organization, pointing out he had been the one to initiate contact with Al Qaeda recruiters in Pakistan in an effort to join its jihadist movement.

While no connection to Al-Shabab apparently exists, it certainly wasn't an implausible conclusion to draw, given the series of arrests this year alone of Somali-Americans from all parts of the United States. Each were accused of supporting Al-Shabab from either here in the United States or by going overseas to fight in the terrorist group’s war against the provisional Somali government.

In fact, Mohamud's apprehension comes directly on the heels of the November 15 arrest of Nimi Ali Yusuf, a 24 year-old Somali woman from San Diego, charged, along with three other Somali men, with providing Al-Shabab money and other assistance.

Their arrest follows the indictments in August 2010 of 14 Somali-Americans from Alabama, Minnesota and California on similar charges, which forced Attorney General Eric Holder to acknowledge the routing of fighters and money to Al-Shabab to constitute a "deadly pipeline."

That pipeline began in earnest in 2006 when Al-Shabab, a brutal Taliban-like organization fighting to turn Somalia into an Islamist state ruled under Sharia law, began waging war against both Somalia's Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and peacekeeping forces of the African Union.

Al-Shabab has been aided in this fight by the assistance of many al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists who have been using Somalia as a safe haven ever since the 2001 American invasion of Afghanistan. The result of their help has allowed Al-Shabab to takeover most of southern and central Somalia, relegating the TFG to a narrow pocket of the Somalian capitol city of Mogadishu.

The other effect of housing so many foreign terrorists has been to turn Somalia into a beehive of terrorist activity, making it the top terror target in the world. According [8] to terrorism analyst Thomas Mockaitis, "Somalia has become what Afghanistan was in the 1980s. It is a failed state and it’s a hotbed for [not only] conflict, but also the training and export of extremist activity.”

The exportation of Al-Shabab's terrorist activity became official in February 2010 when the organization declared its alignment with al Qaeda and its quest for global jihad.

As Sheikh Fuad Mohamed Shangole, a top Al-Shabab leader said at that time, " "The decisions included waging jihad (holy struggle) in the Eastern and Horn of Africa regions in order to liberate the Islamic communities and to link up our jihad to the global one, led by Al-Qaeda and Sheikh Osama Bin Laden."

So while Al-Shabab had originally recruited fighters from North America, Europe and the Middle East as part of its holy war against the TFG, now finding itself committed to a global jihad, it began an intensive campaign to recruit Somali-Americans to take the fight to the United States. For Al-Shabab, Somali communities in the United States proved to be very fertile recruiting grounds.
These Somali communities, which cover all corners of the United States, are composed primarily of refugees who have been escaping the ongoing civil wars that began in Somalia since 1991 with the ouster of then President Mohamed Siad Barre, conflicts which have gone on unabated ever since.

While most Somalis have earned a reputation as law-abiding and patriotic members of the American community, in a population that has swelled from 35,000 in 2000 to upwards of 150,000 today, there are still a number who feel culturally disconnected, making them ever susceptible to the lure of outside jihadist forces.

As Thomas Mockaitis explains [8], “Many of these people are in fact the children of refugees. They were probably born in Somalia or born soon after they [i.e., their mothers] came to the United States. And they are not particularly in touch with their parents. And yet, neither are they particularly attracted to or accepted by mainstream American culture. So there is this kind of double alienation that makes them particularly prone to recruitment.”

One of the most common recruitment methods used by Al-Shabab is through the use of internet videos to promote their cause in an effort to reach young men who might never have traveled to Somalia.

One of the first such videos released by Al-Shabab was in March 2009 and featured an English speaking Somali from Alabama, Omar Hammami, who urged its viewers to "come and live the life of a muhajid," adding for emphasis, “We’re calling all the brothers oversees, all the Shabab, wherever they are, to come and live the life of the mujahid. They will see with their own eyes, and they will love it.”

The effects of these and other recruitment efforts have had some nasty net effects. Most noteworthy was in 2009 when over 20 Somali youth, most from the Minneapolis area, home to the largest concentration of Somalian refugees in the United States, went overseas to fight for Al-Shabab.

While some of that group has been reported killed in the fighting in Somalia, at least six are known to have returned to the United States, presumably to continue with recruitment efforts. In fact, American-Somalis make particularly good recruiters as they can use their American passports to travel relatively freely and easily.

Still, despite their efforts at developing homegrown American terrorists, Al-Shabab has not refrained from attempting to infiltrate its own members into the United States through the porous US-Mexico border, with some estimates as high as 300 Al-Shabab members having safely made it through.

Unfortunately, even those Somalis who have been detained didn't stay jailed for long. This unfortunate fact was seen in the release of a confidential report that showed Mexican officials in January 2010 to have mistakenly released 23 Somali men shortly after they had been taken into custody, most of whom U.S. officials suspected as having strong ties to Al-Shabab.

The commitment of al-Shabab to promote jihad both in and outside of Somalia has been so successful that according to Chris Harnisch of the American Enterprise Institute, "Al-Shabab is right now one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the world."

Of course, for Americans, the only danger to date so far posed by Al-Shabab has been limited to the preventative arrests of some terrorist wannabes. Unfortunately, Al-Shabab still has plenty of willing candidates lined up to take their place.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Islamists Target Christians 'wherever they can reach them'

by Raymond Ibrahim

In 2006, when Pope Benedict quoted history deemed unflattering to Islam, Christians around the Muslim world paid the price: anti-Christian riots ensued, churches were burned, and a nun was murdered in Somalia. That was then. Days ago, when a Christian in Egypt was accused of dating a Muslim woman, twenty-two Christian homes were set ablaze to cries of "Allah Akbar." Countless other examples of one group of Christians in the Muslim world being "punished" in response to other Christians exist.

In fact, the recent carnage in Baghdad, wherein Islamists stormed a church during mass, killing over fifty Christian worshippers, was a "response" to Egypt's Coptic Christian church, which Islamists accuse of kidnapping and torturing Muslim women to convert to Christianity (even if the well documented reality in Egypt is that Muslims regularly kidnap and force Christian women to convert to Islam). Moreso, the al-Qaeda affiliated Islamists who perpetrated the Baghdad church massacre have further threatened Christians around the world:

All Christian centres, organisations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the mujahedeen (holy warriors) wherever they can reach them… Let these idolaters [Christians of the world], and at their forefront, the hallucinating tyrant of the Vatican [Pope Benedict], know that the killing sword will not be lifted from the necks of their followers until they declare their innocence from what the dog of the Egyptian Church is doing.

Of course, the clause "wherever they can reach them" is an indicator that it is the Islamic world's Christians who will especially be targeted — since they are most easily reached.

This phenomenon — attacking one set of Christians, or non-Muslims in general, in response to another — has roots in Islamic law. The Pact of Omar, a foundational text for Islam's treatment of dhimmis (i.e., non-Muslims who refused to convert after their lands were seized by Islam) makes this clear. The consequences of breaking any of the debilitating and humiliating conditions Christians were made to accept in order to be granted a degree of surety by the Muslim state — including things like giving up their seats to Muslims, as a show of "respect" — were clear: "If we in any way violate these undertakings for which we ourselves stand surety, we forfeit our covenant [dhimma], and we become liable to the penalties for contumacy and sedition [that is, they become viewed as "unprotected" infidels, and thus exposed to the same treatment, including slavery, rapine, and death.]."

Moreover, the actions of the individual affect the entire group — hence the "hostage" aspect (everyone is under threat to ensure that everyone behaves). As Mark Durie points out, "Even a breach by a single individual dhimmi could result in jihad being enacted against the whole community. Muslim jurists have made this principle explicit, for example, the Yemeni jurist al-Murtada wrote that 'The agreement will be canceled if all or some of them break it…' and the Moroccan al-Maghili taught 'The fact that one individual (or one group) among them has broken the statute is enough to invalidate it for all of them'" (The Third Choice, p.160).

This notion, that the actions of one affect all, plays out regularly in Egypt. According to Bishop Kyrillos, "every time there is a rumor of a relationship between a Coptic man and a Muslim girl [which is forbidden under Islamic law], the whole Coptic community has to pay the price: 'It happened in Kom Ahmar (Farshout) where 86 Coptic-owned properties were torched, in Nag Hammadi we were killed and on top of that, they torched 43 homes and shops and now in Al-Nawahed village just because a girl and a boy are walking beside each other in the street, the whole place is destroyed."

Worse, as the world continues to shrink, the Muslim world's indigenous Christians become conflated with their free coreligionists in the West: perceptions of the latter affect the treatment of the former; race or geography is no longer important; shared religion makes them all liable for one another. A dhimmi is a dhimmi is a dhimmi.

For example, aside from the Baghdad church massacre, Iraq's Christians have long been targeted "over their religious ties with the West … Christians specifically were targeted by Church bombings and assassination attempts owing to a perceived association with the aims and intentions of the occupying forces." Little wonder more than half of Iraq's Christian population has emigrated from the country since the U.S. toppled Saddam's regime.

Historical precedents to this phenomenon are aplenty. Whereas the Copts today are cited as the reason behind the massacre of Iraqi Christians, nearly a millennium ago, Copts were massacred when their western coreligionists — the Crusaders — made inroads into Islam's domains. Again, the logic was clear: we will punish these Christians, because we can, in response to those Christians.

It should be noted that this approach applies to all non-Muslim groups — Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. — living amidst Muslim majorities. Yet, because Christians are the most visible infidel minority in the Islamic world, most modern examples relate to them. The Copts are especially targeted because they comprise the largest Christian bloc in the Middle East. (Centuries before the Muslim conquests, Egypt was a bedrock of Christianity, and Alexandria arguably equal to Rome in authority. The result is, after centuries of persecution, there is still a viable Christian presence in Egypt — much to the Islamists' chagrin.)

Treating non-Muslim minorities as hostages can even have international consequences. According to Jewish writer Vera Saeedpour, the Turkish government pressured Israel's policies, including by threatening "the lives and livelihood of the 18,000 Jews" in Turkey:

In the Spring of 1982 when Jews scheduled an International Conference on Genocide in Tel Aviv, they invited Armenians to participate. Ankara protested. The Israeli Government moved swiftly to get organizers to cancel insisting that the conference as planned would threaten "the humanitarian interest of Jews." The New York Times explained what "humanitarian interest" meant. Organizers were told by Israeli officials that Turkey meant to sever diplomatic relations and had threatened "the lives and livelihood of the 18,000 Jews" in the country. (NYT 6.3.82 and 6.4.82) To drive home the message, Ankara even sent a delegation of Jews from Istanbul who warned that they could be in jeopardy if the conference included Armenians. Chairman Elie Wlesel was first quoted as saying, "I will not discriminate against the Armenians, I will not humiliate them." Later, citing threats to the lives of Jews in Turkey, he resigned.

All this is a reminder that yet another aspect of Islamic doctrine and history — to be added to jihad, taqiyya, wala wa bara, etc. — is alive and well in the 21st century. Treating one set of non-Muslims as hostages, to be abused as a form of retaliation to their coreligionists — far or near, singly or collectively — is just another tactic to assume leverage against the infidel.

Somali teenage girl shot to death for embracing Christ


A 17-year-old girl in Somalia who converted to Christianity from Islam was shot to death last week in an apparent “honor killing,” area sources said.

Nurta Mohamed Farah, who had fled her village of Bardher, Gedo Region to Galgadud Region to live with relatives after her parents tortured her for leaving Islam, died on Nov. 25. Area sources said they strongly suspected that the two unidentified men in Galgadud Region who shot her in the chest and head with a pistol were relatives or acting on their behest.

“Reports reached the relatives in Galgadud that Nurta Farah had converted to Christianity,” one source said. “The suspicion that the family is responsible is a solid one. The sister was killed in Abudwaq, a district in Galgadud Region, and the place where the incident took place is about 200 meters from where the sister was staying with relatives.”

Relatives buried Farah, sources said. Her parents had severely beaten her for leaving Islam and regularly shackled her to a tree at their home, Christian sources said. She had been confined to her home in Gedo region in southern Somalia since May 10, when her family found out that she had embraced Christianity, said a Christian leader who visited the area (see “Family of 17-Year-Old Somali Girl Abuses Her for Leaving Islam,” June 15).

Her parents also took her to a doctor who prescribed medication for a “mental illness,” he said. Alarmed by her determination to keep her faith, her father, Hassan Kafi Ilmi, and mother, Hawo Godane Haf, decided she had gone crazy and forced her to take the prescribed medication, but it had no effect in swaying her from her faith, the source said.

Traditionally, he added, many Somalis believe the Quran cures the sick, especially the mentally ill, so the Islamic scripture was recited to her twice a week.

She had declined her family’s offer of forgiveness in exchange for renouncing Christianity, the source said. The confinement began after the medication and punishments failed.

Area Christians had reported that Farah was shackled to a tree by day and put in a small, dark room at night.

Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government generally did not enforce protection of religious freedom found in the Transitional Federal Charter, according to the U.S. Department of State’s 2010 International Religious Freedom Report.

“Non-Muslims who practiced their religion openly faced occasional societal harassment,” the report stated. “Conversion from Islam to another religion was considered socially unacceptable. Those suspected of conversion faced harassment or even death from members of their community.”