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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The shocking video Muslims don't want you to see!!

US Congressional heading on the plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt

The Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the U.S. Helsinki Commission, held a hearing on the plight of Coptic Christians in Egypt and the political future of the country.

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Al Shabaab samosa ban ‘linked to Christian symbol’


Somali militant group al Shabaab may have banned the making and sale of samosa, a popular snack in the war-torn country, because of its shape, linking it to a Christian symbol.

No reasons were given for the bizarre move, announced by militants in vehicles mounted with loudspeakers.

However, residents of a south Mogadishu settlement and Afgoye, a town 30 kms south of the capital where the ban was imposed speculated that the Islamists may have associated the triangle-shaped snack with a symbol of Christianity that is not compatible with their strict version of Islam.

In the past, the group, which is fighting to overthrow the Transitional Federal Government, has banned watching football on TV and playing music on radio.

It has also ordered men to grow beards and women not to wear bras.

Muslim Attack on Christians in Egypt Provoked By Installation of Church Bell


An exchange of harsh words on July 25 between Ruth, a Christian woman, and Gassem Fouad, a Muslim man who had parked his tricycle in front of her home, escalated into assault by the man on Ruth and other Christian villagers, and the arrest of one Copt. After Ruth, who is 5 months pregnant, was assaulted, a Muslim mob waited for Coptic farmers to return from the fields, where they were intercepted and beaten with iron rods and pipes.

Security forces managed to contain the situation.

Six Christians, including Ruth and her sister-in-law Hannan, were hospitalized with concussions, head injuries and broken limbs. No Muslim was injured.

None of the Muslim perpetrators was arrested. Ruth's husband, Kirillos Daniel, was accused of possessing a weapon -- a rifle found thrown where the Christians were attacked, and is under detention.

In an interview on CTV Coptic TV, Father Estephanos Shehata, of the Samalout Coptic dioceses, said "The real reason behind this assault was the church bell, which has greatly angered the Muslims in the village." He said the dilapidated church in the village of Ezbet Jacob Bebawi, outside Samalout, north of Minya, was given permission to renovate and this was completed last week, and the church bell was reinstalled.

"This is the first time such an incident has taken place in this village," said Father Estephanos, "which is 60-75% Christian, and the reason is definitely the presence of the church bell."

Christian villagers believe this assault was premeditated and they fear their church faces imminent attack, especially since Muslims have been slowly congregating in the village, which has a very weak presence of security forces.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Muslim group says no going back on Islamic Banking

A Muslim group in the North yesterday threatened to defend the implementation of the Islamic Banking system with the last drop of their blood. It warned the Christian community opposed to it to back off or face the full wrath of their anger.

The Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria told reporters at the end of its meeting in Kaduna last night that it would rather go to war than give up their agitation for Islamic banking. It said since Islamic banking has been implemented in Britain and other Christian-dominated countries, there is no reason why it cannot be implemented in Nigeria.


Riyadh deports a pastor to Eritrea


Eyob Mussie, an Eritrean refugee, was arrested on 12 February in Jeddah on charges of Christian proselytising. A court had decided to repatriate him forcibly. An appeal has been made to find a third country for the clergyman.

Mussie was arrested on 12 February in front of a mosque in Jeddah, the kingdom’s second largest city. He had gone there to talk to Muslims about Christianity. He was charged with proselytising, which in Saudi Arabia can

Saudi authorities initially viewed Eyob as a mental case. A medical test found instead that he was fit to stand trial. He was eventually moved to Briman Prison, a high security prison. However, instead of sentencing to death, the authorities decided to send him back to Eritrea.

In Eritrea, some 3,000 Christians are currently in prison without charges. Some have been held in isolation for years.

The probability that Eyob Mussie would receive the same treatment, including the possibility of the death penalty is very high.

For this motive, Andrew Johnston, director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, appealed to the Saudi government to “consider alternative countries of asylum” for the clergyman.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Srebrenica: Bosnian Muslim Jihad killings of 3,500 Christians

The image of Srebrenica tells us more about the reality of the majority of the media and of course the “Muslim victim card” is being used in order to cleanse the Bosniak Muslims. After all, from enslaving Orthodox Christians during their brotherly love with the Turkish slave masters of the Ottoman Empire to having Muslim SS units who supported Adolf Hitler; then “victimhood” is needed in order to justify their history and culture. Of course the wishy-washy brigade will tell us that the Ottoman period was enlightened and that the system of taking the eldest Christian boy (devshirme system) in the Balkans and converting them to Islam was noble.  Yes, slavery in the modern era being justified and not mere slavery because the system meant that they would kill their own people in the name of Islam after being indoctrinated by Islamists in the Ottoman Empire.
Bosnian Muslim government Jihad forces: However, the liberal agenda tells us that Europe owes so much to Islam.  Strange because Islam took the sword to Europe and enslaved and colonized and this reality shames historians and commentators who manipulate history.  After all, if people stated that the Atlantic slave trade was enlightening then people would be rightly condemned. However, when scholars and journalist speak about a tolerant Islamic Ottoman Empire or about their man made multi-religious Bosnia then the elites clap in admiration while leaders in Mecca dream about Islamization by stealth jihad. Of course even the Atlantic trade route is also manipulated because little is said about the Arab and Turkish enslavement of Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.  These tens of millions of slaves do not count and it would not suit the agenda to mention white slaves and Hindu slaves.
The Orthodox Christian world along with Africa and the Hindu world suffered so much at the hands of Islamic slavery and Protestant and Catholic imperialism which also enslaved.  This reality is forgotten and it appears that even in recent times that Orthodox Christians and Hindus do not count. After all, three wars in the Balkans since the 1970s in Bosnia, Cyprus and Kosovo and every time the West supported Islam. Also, the Turkish genocide which killed millions of Armenians, Assyrians, and Greeks, is still not recognized despite several million Christians being slaughtered in 1915 and the following years (major pogroms took place also before this date). Similarly, the de-Hinduization of Kashmir, Bangladesh and Pakistan does not seem to hit the headlines in modern times.  Therefore, while the Muslim population remains strong in India and is growing the Hindus of Bangladesh, Kashmir and Pakistan are in free fall in percentage terms.
Alas, it appears that Orthodox Christians and Hindus don’t count! Turning back to Srebrenica and the reality or unreality of what really happened.  After all, Bosnian Muslims have to justify their past misdeeds and Western powers need to justify killing from the air during the bombing of Serbia. You see, when NATO bombing attacks against mainly civilians took place in Serbia this was deemed to be “Western civilization.” Yes, the overwhelming majority of people killed were not military fighters in the army of Serbia but were civilians and bombing hospitals, the infrastructure and so forth was all justified in the name of “Western civilization.” Strange, because when several million Africans who were mainly Christian or Animist were being killed in Southern Sudan by the Arab Muslim regime then nothing was done.  Therefore, “the double standards” or should I say “no standards” was at work once more and the twisting of history and reality was done in order to suit an agenda.
The House of Saud must have been so pleased with both events.  After all, kill millions of African Christians and Animists in Sudan in order to Arabize and Islamize and the West does nothing.  At the same time create two Islamic dominated states in Europe with Kosovo being accomplished and Bosnia being the future hope after the enforced demise of the Bosnian Serb Republic.  This is where Srebrenica suits the agenda in order to cover-up all the misdeeds of past history and this applies to Bosniak Muslim history and the Western bombing of Serbia which enabled a body organ transplanting leadership to take power.
SREBRENICA IN ALL ITS COMPLEXITY: Before going deeper into what happened in Srebrenica it is important to clarify that thousands of Muslims were killed after Bosnian Serbian forces took Srebrenica.  This applies to not only Muslim soldiers who were killed but also innocent Muslims who were also killed during the mayhem of events. Srdja Trifkovic, who is an historian, foreign affairs analyst and respected author, states the following: “During the Bosnian war between May 1992 and July 1995, several thousand Muslim men lost their lives in Srebrenica and its surroundings. Most of them died in July of 1995 when the enclave fell unexpectedly to the Bosnian Serb Army and the Muslim garrison attempted a breakthrough. Some escaped to the Muslim-held town of Tuzla, 38 miles to the north. Many were killed while fighting their way through; and many others were taken prisoner and executed by the Bosnian Serb army.”
Srdja Trifkovic continues by stating that “It is often pointed out that Srebrenica was an UN “protected zone,” but it is seldom noted that the enclave was simultaneously an armed camp used for attacks against Serb villages in the surrounding areas. Muslim General Sefer Halilovic confirmed in his testimony at the Hague Tribunal that there were at least 5,500 Bosnian Army soldiers in Srebrenica after it had obtained the “safe haven” status, and that he had personally arranged numerous deliveries of sophisticated weapons by helicopter.” This statement is important because the Muslim General, Sefer Halilovic, confirms that you had at least 5,500 Bosnian Muslim Army soldiers in Srebrenica.  More important, these fighters had slaughtered more than 3,500 Christians prior to the fall of Srebrenica and this applies to young children, women and the elderly in surrounding villages.
Even worse, the so-called safe haven meant that Bosnian Muslim forces would attack outside of the main area of central Srebenica and kill Orthodox Christians. However, they would then return to Srebrenica in order to be protected and to re-enforce their stronghold and this applies to re-arming and so forth.   The UNPROFOR commander, French General Philippe Morillon, testified that the crimes committed by Bosnian Muslim forces were “extraordinary” and made the Serbs’ desire for revenge to be “inevitable.” Philippe Morillon clearly stated the name of the Bosnian Muslim commander Naser Oric who was known for being sadistic.  On February 12 in 2004 at The Hague Tribunal Philippe Morillon testified that Bosnian Muslim forces under Naser Oric “engaged in attacks during Orthodox (Christian) holidays and destroyed villages, massacring all the inhabitants. This created a degree of hatred that was quite extraordinary in the region.” Philippe Morillon is clearly commenting about the massacres of thousands of Orthodox Christians who were killed in the surrounding region.  This applies to Christians being burnt alive, beheaded and so forth.
This Srebrenica is about two military forces being the Orthodox Bosnian Christian Serb forces and the Bosnian Muslim forces.  Therefore, the real Srebrenica is very different and if General Ratko Mladic did not have Bosnian Serb units in the region to stem the massacre of Orthodox Christians then the figure of 3,500 deaths would have been even higher. Also, from a military point of view the Bihac Muslims in Western Bosnia under Fikret Abdic had supported the Bosnian Serbs but in time they would be crushed by Bosnian Muslim forces under the Islamist, Alija Izetbegovic. At the same time during the civil war in Croatia the Krajina Serbs would be forced out and many innocent Orthodox Christians would be killed and “cleansed.”
Srebrenica was part of a bigger battle and little is said about Serbian Christian areas in Sarajevo which were taken by Islamist military forces under Alija Izetbegovic. Therefore, not only had Srebrenica Muslim forces killed and slaughtered thousands of innocent Orthodox Christians in the surrounding region; but their brutality and numbers of more than 5,500 military Muslim soldiers meant that Bosnian Serb units were being pinned down. It was a situation that was leading to vented up hanger and hatred.  After all, why wasn’t Krajina a protected area for Orthodox Christian Serbs and the same applies to Bihac where Muslims were moderate and wanted protection from Bosnian Islamist forces under Alija Izetbegovic….why weren’t these areas protected?
In fact, not only were the protected safe havens biased towards the Muslims who supported the Islamist Alija Izetbegovic; but at the same time thousands of international Islamists were allowed to enter Bosnia in order to slit the throats of Orthodox Christians and Catholic Christians because to international Islamists the war had a different meaning because it was an Islamic Jihad in their eyes. Not only this, Bill Clinton who supported the Islamists who were given tacit approval to slaughter Orthodox Christians had a double agenda.  This applies to allowing thousands of international Islamists into Bosnia and at the same time to build up both Croatian Catholic units and the Bosnian Muslim Islamist leadership of Alija Izetbegovic.
Time was not on the side of the Bosnian Christian Serbs and in this sense General Ratko Mladic is being tried in the courts of The Hague because he had held out against a huge united and international agenda.  Indeed, for the Bosnian Serbs to have held out and maintain a vast area of Bosnia is remarkable given the fact that America, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and many others, alongside international Islamists like Al Qaeda, had all worked together in order to defeat the Bosnian Serbs. Major-General (Ret) Lewis Mackenzie who is a retired Canadian general also raises serious doubts about so-called “good” and “evil.” In his article called. “The real story behind Srebrenica.  The massacre in the UN ‘safe haven’ was not a black and white event,” which was published in The Globe and Mail (July 14, 2005), he clearly highlights neglected areas.
Major General (Ret) Lewis MacKenzie states the following: “As the Bosnian Muslim fighters became better equipped and trained, they started to venture outside Srebrenica, burning Serb villages and killing their occupants before quickly withdrawing to the security provided by the UN’s safe haven. These attacks reached a crescendo in 1994 and carried on into early 1995 after the Canadian infantry company that had been there for a year was replaced by a larger Dutch contingent.” “The Bosnian Serbs might have had the heaviest weapons, but the Bosnian Muslims matched them in infantry skills that were much in demand in the rugged terrain around Srebrenica. As the snow cleared in the spring of 1995, it became obvious to Nasar Oric, the man who led the Bosnian Muslim fighters that the Bosnian Serb army was going to attack Srebrenica to stop him from attacking Serb villages. So he and a large number of his fighters slipped out of town. Srebrenica was left undefended with the strategic thought that, if the Serbs attacked an undefended town, surely that would cause NATO and the UN to agree that NATO air strikes against the Serbs were justified. And so the Bosnian Serb army strolled into Srebrenica without opposition.”
General Morillon bluntly states that “Naser Oric was a warlord who reigned by terror in his area and over the population itself. I think that he realized that these were the rules of this horrific war, that he could not allow himself to take prisoners. According to my recollection, he didn’t even look for an excuse. It was simply a statement: One can’t be bothered with prisoners.”  Morillon also recounts how “the Serbs took me to a village to show me the evacuation of the bodies of the inhabitants that had been thrown into a hole, a village close to Bratunac. And this made me understand the degree to which this infernal situation of blood and vengeance [...] led to a situation when I personally feared that the worst would happen if the Serbs of Bosnia managed to enter the enclaves and Srebrenica.” “I feared that the Serbs, the local Serbs, the Serbs of Bratunac, these militiamen, they wanted to take their revenge for everything that they attributed to Naser Oric. It wasn’t just Naser Oric that they wanted to revenge, take their revenge on; they wanted to revenge their dead on Orthodox Christmas.”
It is clear that the Bosnian Muslim forces and Srebrenica is not the “innocent Muslim lamb” which is being told; on the contrary “Srebrenica was a fortified Islamic stronghold which butchered and slaughtered innocent Orthodox Christians in the surrounding region.” Also, events on the ground were changing rapidly and this applies to Bihac, Mostar, Krajina and many parts of Bosnia and Croatia. In the ensuing mayhem massacres on all sides took place and in Bihac it was local Muslims who were killed by Islamic forces which supported Alija Izetbegovic.
Indeed, it is strange that Alija Izetbegovic and Muslim units cared so much about crushing the moderate Muslims of Bihac when it was claimed that they were overstretched and facing genocide.  However, this is a different issue but interesting all the same because it shows you the limitations of many journalists who followed the “Islamist Alija Izetbegovic party line” and it shatters the myth because Serbian forces had helped the Muslims of Bihac. Lord Owen also vindicates what General Morillon stated because on page 143 of his book, Balkan Odyssey, the respected Lord Owen comments that “On 16 April I spoke on the telephone to President Milosevic about my anxiety that, despite repeated assurances from Dr. Karadzic that he had no intention of taking Srebrenica, the Bosnian Serb army was now proceeding to do just that. The pocket was greatly reduced in size. I had rarely heard Milosevic so exasperated, but also so worried: he feared that if the Bosnian Serb troops entered Srebrenica there would be a bloodbath because of the tremendous bad blood that existed between the two armies. The Bosnian Serbs held the young Muslim commander in Srebrenica, Naser Oric, responsible for a massacre near Bratunac in December 1992 in which many Serb civilians had been killed. Milosevic believed it would be a great mistake for the Bosnian Serbs to take Srebrenica and promised to tell Karadzic so.”
In a past article I state that “I have given quotes from people who were on the ground and from people who know a lot about the real events of Bosnia and Srebrenica.  It would be difficult to claim that Lord Owen, General Morillon, and Lewis MacKenzie, are pro-Serbian or that they are holocaust deniers.”  “Therefore, it is clear that “the real Srebrenica” is not being told and the same applies to the “hidden Islamic jihad” which took place during the civil war and how ex-President Bill Clinton gave the green light to Islamists from all over the world to enter Bosnia.”  Srebrenica should be remembered but it should be remembered in its duality and this applies to thousands of innocent Orthodox Christians and Muslims who were killed by both sides.  It also should be remembered that Bosnian Muslim forces had slaughtered thousands of Christians first in the surrounding region of Srebrenica and that the “safe haven” was abused and generals from the international community who were on the ground state this clearly and Morillon testified in court.
Lewis MacKenzie comments that “two wrongs never made a right, but those moments in history that shame us all because of our indifference should not be viewed in isolation without the context that created them.”  With this powerful comment in mind and the complex nature of Bosnia and Croatia and the inner-struggle between the Muslim community in Bihac against the Islamist Alija Izetbegovic; alongside the international Islamist movement and Al Qaeda being involved; and the arming of Bosnian Muslim forces and Croatia by America, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and others. Then Srebrenica can’t be talked about by one single event because what happened before and the complexity of the civil wars means that the entire picture must be seen and the “evil and hatred” which existed was based on events prior to Bosnian Serb forces entering Srebrenica.
In all civil wars you have massacres and no side is innocent and anybody who says differently is biased to the extreme.  If you view Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ignore events prior to this and the carpet bombing of Germany and Japan where millions were killed; then all the massacres which took place by Germany and Japan will not be viewed and in isolation you have a mass distortion of reality. This is what is happening about Srebrenica; a huge distortion of reality and past events are being ignored and manipulated to an extreme point of view and which is anti-Serbian. Ratko Mladic from a Bosnian Serb point of view held out against multiple forces and this applies to the Bosnian Muslim forces, Catholic Croatian forces, international Islamists and nations like America, Iran, and Saudi Arabia who were re-arming the Croatians and Bosnian Muslim forces who supported Alija Izetbegovic.
If genuine healing is to take place or if the truth counts for anything; then Srebrenica should be remembered for the fallen on all sides. It is not good enough to say that the deaths of more than 3,500 Orthodox Christians don’t count and to ignore the fact that the main massacres which took place in the region had been started by Bosnian Muslim forces. A joint memorial would indicate that both sides killed innocents in and surrounding Srebrenica.  The massacre of innocent Christians and Muslims is a fact but the “Muslim victim card” and the “international community” desire to “cleanse their role in Srebrenica.”
 (Islamists in Bosnia because of USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Islamist Alija Izetbegovic)
(Islamists in Bosnia because of USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Islamist Alija Izetbegovic)
(Muslim massacres of Christians) 
 (Inter Muslim fighting – Serbs supported moderate Muslims) (Henry Kissinger) (Henry Kissinger)

Egyptian Muslim Ring Uses Sexual Coercion to Convert Christian Girls

The number of Christian girls abducted and coerced into converting to Islam since the Egyptian "January 25 Revolution" has skyrocketed, according to Father Filopateer Gamil of St. Mary's Church in Giza. "More than two to three girls disappear everyday in Giza alone," he said. "The cases that are brought to public attention are few compared to what the numbers actually are."


Khartoum cancels Sudanese nationality of southerners

Sudan's parliament passed a law on Wednesday cancelling the Sudanese nationality of southerners, four days after their homeland declared independence from the north, state media reported.

"All the southerners are going to lose their Sudanese nationality directly" because of the amendments to a law approved by parliament, MP Ismail al-Haj Musa told AFP, confirming a report on the official SUNA news agency.


Thousands flee Nigerian city hit by Islamist attacks

Thousands have fled the Nigerian city of Maiduguri over the past two days fearing more Islamist attacks and after soldiers were accused of shooting civilians, residents said Tuesday.

Residents piled into the backs of trucks with personal belongings stuffed in sacks or packed up cars to leave the northeastern city, which has seen the brunt of the violence blamed on the Islamist sect known as Boko Haram.

Fear has so pervaded Maiduguri that the university there ordered its doors closed indefinitely on Monday due to security concerns. The bulk of the university's 35,000 students are drawn from other areas of the country.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zakaria Botros: Islam’s scourge returns


Father Zakaria Botros, also known as Islam’s “Public Enemy #1,” is back.

From around 2005-2010, this 76 year-old Coptic priest was Islam’s bane. Appearing weekly on Arabic satellite, where he was viewed by an estimated 60 million people worldwide, mostly Muslims, he meticulously exposed any number of theological problems with Islam—all from Islam’s own books—while simultaneously evangelizing from his own book, the Bible.

His mission “is to attack Islam, not to attack Muslims but to save them because they are deceived. As I love Muslims, I hate Islam.”

And he has been effective: Mass conversions to Christianity, open and clandestine, have resulted. Indeed, years back al-Jazeera aired a segment complaining about Fr. Zakaria’s “unprecedented evangelical raid” on the Muslim world; similarly, one Sheikh Ahmad al-Qatani lamented that as many as six million Muslims annually “apostatize” to Christianity.

Unsurprisingly, Fr. Zakaria’s exploits caused al-Qaeda to proclaim him “one of the most wanted infidels in the world,” putting a $60 million bounty on his head; undeterred, the priest kept going, his viewers and converts multiplying by the week.

Then, in May 2010, after a particularly graphic episode on Muhammad, his shows inexplicably stopped airing. His enemies exulted. Muslim leaders, preachers, and sheikhs appeared on TV, gleefully announcing that Allah had silenced the great enemy of Islam.

Yet, over a year after his many foes—external and internal, Muslim and non-Muslim—have managed to stifle him, Fr. Zakaria is back on satellite, now with his own station Fady TV (Redeemer TV), “a channel for those searching for the truth.”

Though other Islam-critics and evangelists have appeared on Arabic satellite since, many with a good following, it is clear that people have not forgotten the priest, the original trailblazer of open and honest talk on Islam—the original scourge of Islam.

Watching the first episode of his new show, “Knowledge of the Truth,” was like witnessing a reunion between a lost flock and its spiritual shepherd. Viewer after viewer—Christians and Muslims, much more of the latter—called in to express how much they had sorely missed the evangelist, and how happy they were to see him again, some in tears, others in joyous laughter.

And while their words were full of sincere and enthusiastic praise—many insisted that he is a living saint, others a modern day St. Paul—it was only when an elderly-sounding woman asserted that everyone must support Fr. Zakaria, not for his sake, but for the sake of his work liberating Muslims from bondage, that the normally stoic Zakaria broke down in tears.

Why is Fr. Zakaria so loved—and hated? For starters, as a native Arabic-speaker, he takes his message straight to the heart of the Islamic world; as a man of God, he takes his message straight to the heart of Muslims—something the Western approach cannot achieve.

You see, while Western critics are limited to making secular arguments against specific aspects of Islam—for instance, that it is illiberal, intolerant, sexist—he makes spiritual arguments against the very foundations of the religion.

This is not to say that Western polemics are not beneficial; they are, in that they awaken Western peoples to the nature of Islam. However, arguing or even proving that Islam falls short of Western/secular standards has little impact on Muslims—except perhaps to make them more tenacious of their faith (the inevitable result of comparing apples and oranges).

But an attack on the veracity of the religion itself—an attack articulated through a spiritual as opposed to a secular paradigm—must be confronted by Muslims.

In short, Fr. Zakaria’s success rests in the fact that he fights fire with fire; that he speaks the same language Muslims do—not just literally, Arabic, but more importantly, figuratively, the language of religion and faith, the language of God. He cannot simply be ignored.

For example, during this, his first episode, he discussed Sheikh Huwaini‘s recent assertions that Islam advocates plundering, enslaving, buying, and selling infidels. Many have written about this anecdote either to show that Islam is intrinsically violent, or that “radical Islamism” is spreading, or that Islamic teachings are incompatible with the West.

But Fr. Zakaria takes it a step further—takes it right to the heart of the matter. After asserting that “God created mankind in his image,” he sincerely addressed his Muslim viewers: “Would God truly want you to kill your neighbor, to enslave him? Would the Almighty truly want believers to buy and sell other human beings like animals? Think people! Use your minds, listen to your hearts—for your souls are at stake!”

The same reason the secular mindset may find this approach too simplistic or “unsophisticated” is the same reason it is far from comprehending Islam.

Still in its early stages of development and financially challenged, Fady TV has yet to reach the Middle East, where the real battle for souls is waged, though the priest is hopeful. The station is set to air entire programs dedicated to examining various topics in depth, including the Koran, the Hadith, Muhammad, and Allah.

As I previously did, I plan on following and summarizing Fr. Zakaria’s programs. See for example “The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet” and “Was Muhammad a Messenger from God or Satan?” for a sampling.

For more information on this singular priest, read his exclusive 2009 FPM interview, wherein he discussed his life story, including the torments he experienced for preaching to Muslims in Egypt. Also, to get a feel for his very “non-dhimmi” approach, watch his famous “Ten Demands of Islam.”

Family members of the Iranian Islamic leaders are attracted to Chrsitainity

One of the greatest concerns of the Islamic Republic leaders is the ever-increasing interest of the Iranian population, inside and outside of Iran, to Christianity and this interest has reached the family members of these leaders.

One of the websites tied to the fundamentalist and pro-government of Iran, Jahan News, reported recently that more than 40 Iranian ambassadors had failed their job appraisals and had been summoned back to Iran. "Jahan News" reported the son of one these ambassadors, who had been an ambassador for more than 20 years, had become a Christian and has not returned to Iran anymore.

The Iranian Christian News Agency " Mohabat News " is aware of the names and information of several children and other family members of the Iranian diplomatic and high ranking officials who, in the recent years have secretly become Christians, but due to security issues and fear of arrest and persecution have remained incognito.

Information available to the Iranian Christian News Agency " Mohabat News " analysts indicates that the pace and scope of the spread of Christianity in Iran is so fast and wide that even among the members of the armed forces and the Pasdaran Army (the Revolutionary Guards) many have turned to Christianity or are seriously researching the Christian faith


Monday, July 11, 2011

‘There Are Only Muslims And Communists’

Our Czech correspondent Gemini sends his translation of sections from two articles in the Czech media. These stories concern a plain-spoken Czech politician whose candor is refreshing, to say the least, for those of us who live to the west of the old Iron Curtain.

Below is Gemini’s introduction:

Islam is the enemy, the Czech presidential candidate reminded the world

In recent days the Czech mainstream media have brought to light statements from MiloŇ° Zeman, a prominent leftist politician, regarding Islam. This former prime minister of the Czech Republic (1998 – 2002), also at one time a presidential candidate, is well-known for his open statements and uncompromising humour. Most of these statements were taken from his report presented at the international conference entitled “Europe united and free?”, held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and country’s Defence Ministry. The rest come from a subsequent press release. These statements have already led to charges against the aforementioned politician.

The original sources, including a few more short commentaries, may be found here and here, while this article concentrates mostly on Zeman’s statements.
His condensed translation:

“NATO has declared itself as a defensive alliance without questioning what is it defending against. But it all begins with defining the enemy,” Zeman stated. He then continued: “The enemy is the anti-civilization spreading from northern Africa all the way to Indonesia. Inhabited by two billions of people and financed partly by gasoline sales, partly by drug sales,” speaking about the world of Muslims.

With his mention of drugs, he was mostly referring to Afghanistan and Kosovo. With the former NATO became mired in an endless war, while the latter got help from the alliance to secede from Serbia. This involvement he regards as a failure.

“I don’t believe there are Muslims and radical Muslims. Just as I don’t believe there are moderate and radical communists. There are only Muslims and communists,” Zeman addressed the conference participants.

He believes that one of the mistakes the West has been making is its willingness to negotiate and its responsiveness towards Muslim countries.

“Just remember the appeasement politics during the ‘30s. The victims were thrown directly into enemy’s guts, and (see) where it ended. The 21st century is not going to be Fukuyama’s ‘End of History’, but Huntington’s ‘Clash of Civilizations’,” predicted the retired Zeman.

If NATO should expand in the future, it must be Israel that is adopted, according to Zeman. “Not the state whose president regards Stalin and Beria his main heroes,” he declared, referring to Georgia as governed by Mikhail Saakashvili. However, this could not be so easily done without changing the political climate in the NATO countries. And this is exactly what the politicians are afraid of, Zeman believes.
Nor was the EU spared. “The EU reminds me of an overweight kid who is starting to throw up,” summed up Zeman about the union of states, some of which have already asked for huge financial support.

“Even if one might agree that women should not be allowed to drive a car, in every other aspect the Islamic anti-civilisation makes women into a subjugated and second-class minority,” he added in a separate press release.

“There is no doubt that Islam’s ideological basis is the Koran. A Muslim can be identified as an adherent of Koran, just as Nazi is an adherent of racial supremacy and anti-Semitism, or a Communist an adherent of class struggle and proletarian dictatorship,” he further elaborated in his press release.

“Islam is incomparably more aggressive and intolerant that today’s Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism, Shintoism and other world religions,” added the former presidential candidate, referring to Koran.

Jihad In Sudan Redux

On July 9, the mostly Christian South Sudan will legally and officially separate from the Muslim north and become a new, independent and free country. Fearing loss of its iron clad grip of other non-Arab regions in the north, whose people likely envy the freedoms won by the South, Arab/Islamist leaders in Khartoum have launched a military assault on the Nuba Mountains, a mixed Christian, animist and Muslim region. Reports from the area are gruesomely reminiscent of the decades-long assault Khartoum waged on the South. These include forced conversions to Islam, mass displacement, bombing of civilians and mass slaughter.
Anticipating the effects of Christians winning freedom from his rule already in December of 2010 Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who is indicted by the International Criminal Court for genocide and crimes against humanity, laid out a vision for the future of his nation:
"If south Sudan secedes, we will change the constitution and at that time there will be no time to speak of diversity of culture and ethnicity... Sharia (Islamic law) and Islam will be the main source for the constitution, Islam the official religion and Arabic the official language", he told a group of supporters.

Al-Bashir made his statement as the people of Southern Sudan were preparing to vote in the referendum that secured their imminent independence. With less than a week left before South secedes, al-Bashir is determined to fulfill his promise not by changing the constitution, but through murder and ethnic cleansing.
After concluding a military occupation of the disputed border region of Abyei,  which resulted in the expulsion of more than 100,000 (non-Arabs, mostly from the Dinka tribe), Sudanese army and government-sponsored Arab militias attacked the African tribes of Nuba Mountains, a region situated in the Northern state of Southern Kordofan. Reports indicate indiscriminate bombings of civilians and a systematic killing of the black-skinned Nuba, which forced estimated 100,000 to abandon their homes. One report described "door to door executions of completely innocent and defenseless civilians, often by throat cutting."  Another suggested the government might be using chemical weapons. The Bishop of Nuba Mountains described the events as genocide: "Once again we are facing the nightmare of genocide of our people in a final attempt to erase our culture and society from the face of the earth." A well-respected Sudan analyst concurred.
Nuba embody the diversity of culture and religion that al-Bashir wants to destroy. Numbering some 1.5 million, Nuba people are Christians, Muslims and the followers of traditional faiths. It is not uncommon to find the adherents of all faiths within a single family. Comprising from more than fifty tribes and speaking an equal number of languages, the Nuba have an incredibly diverse culture.
Just like the Africans of the South, the Nuba have faced racial discrimination from the Arab governments and elites of the North, which led them to join Sudan's People Liberation Army (SPLA) at the beginning of the second outbreak of Sudan's Civil War (1983-2005). The government's response, especially after the Islamist regime of Al-Bashir and Hassan al-Turabi seized power in 1989, escalated into the campaign of annihilation. The Nuba people lost their lands; they were murdered, starved and enslaved.  In what some  called genocide in the name of Islam, all Nuba-Christians, animists and even Muslims-were targeted for eradication; estimated 200,000 perished.
In the crackdown that reach the Nuba Mountains even before the outbreak of the war, Christian clergy was murdered; churches burned, while Christian children were abducted, forcibly converted to Islam and often forced to join the Sudanese army to fight against their own people. In the current attack Christian places of worship are also being destroyed.  In January 1992, South Kordofan governor, Lt. General al-Hussein officially declared the war a "jihad." Shortly after, in 1993, the religious leaders of Southern Kordofan issued a fatwa that legalized it:
"The rebels in South Kordofan and Southern Sudan started their rebellion against the state and declared war against the Moslems. Their main aims are: killing the Moslems, desecrating mosques, burning and defiling the Koran, and raping Moslem women. In so doing, they are encouraged by the enemies of Islam and Moslems: these foes are the Zionists, the Christians and the arrogant people who provide them with provisions and arms. Therefore, an insurgent who was previously a Moslem is now an apostate; and a non-Moslem is a non-believer standing as a bulwark against the spread of Islam, and Islam has granted the freedom of killing both of them."
Following this religious ruling, Sudanese soldiers and allied militias began killing Nuba imams, burning mosques and desecrating Korans. Today, the same actors praise God as they kill the innoncent.
To destroy the social fabric of the Nuba society the government forces and the Arab militiamen systematically raped thousands of Nuba women, including girls as young as nine. The raping took place during abductions, in military camps, and in so-called "peace camps." One victim, a 17 years-old girl named Fawzia Jibreel, told African Rights:
"After dark, the soldiers came and took the girls to their rooms, and raped them. I was taken and raped... When you have been taken, the soldier who has taken you will do what he wants, then he will go out of the room, you will stay, and another one will come...Every day the raping continued... It is impossible to count the men who raped me. Perhaps in a week I would have only one day of rest. Sometimes one man will take me for the whole night. Sometimes I will be raped by four or five men per day or night; they will just be changing one for another."
The policy of rape is being used in the Nuba Mountains once again.
On July 1, during Friday prayers in a mosque in Khartoum, al-Bashir said that he ordered his soldiers to continue "cleaning" South Kordofan.  As history shows all those who care about the plight of Nuba and other Africans of Sudan must take his words seriously and act to stop his religious genocide.

North Sudan: What next?

The recent declaration of independence by South Sudan from its northern neighbor is certainly a welcome event. After two civil wars (1955-1972 and 1983-2005) that took the lives of more than 2.5 million Christians and animists, secession was the only reasonable option. Of course, there are immediate challenges for South Sudan, as it seems unlikely that 7,000 UN peacekeeping troops can protect a new nation that has vast oil reserves and a population living largely in abject poverty.

But what about North Sudan’s future? One noteworthy development in the north is the aerial bombardment targeting civilians in the Nuba Mountains, which are part of the petroleum-rich province of South Kordofan that will be the main oil producing region for North Sudan, following the south’s secession. The Nuba Mountains – once a base for the Sudan People’s Liberation Army that fought against the Arab-led government in Khartoum during the second civil war – are primarily inhabited by the Nuban people, a mixed Christian and Muslim population with their own language and culture.

Indeed, as Amar Amoun (a Nuban MP in North Sudan’s opposition) says, the bombing is a deliberate tactic to depopulate the Nuba Mountains. With Nuban rebels starting to take up arms and hoping to achieve more civil rights or independence for the Nuban people, war with the central government appears likely, hence the potential for another humanitarian catastrophe as in Darfur.

Here is the heart of the issue. It’s all very well to have South Sudan secede, but the root of the problem has still not been addressed: namely, the traditional doctrines of jihad that underlie the Islamist and Arab supremacist ideology of the ruling elite in Khartoum.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Iran and its proxy Hizbullah continue to expand their influence and presence in South America, a top US general warns.


USAF General Douglas Fraser, commanding officer of the Pentagon's Southern Command, says Iran has aggressively expanded its network of embassies in the region, as well as building numerous cultural centers and mosques in more than 15 Latin American countries.

Fraser, the shot-caller for US military operations in 31 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, says intelligence provided to SoCom indicates the Iranian-built Mosques and cultural centers are teaching a radical brand of Islam to impoverished Latin American's and serve as recruiting centers for 'extremist organizations.'

Fraser warns these efforts have been accelerated by the close relationship between President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who have met at least nine times during Chavez’s 12-year tenure as President.

The Iranian-Venezuelan alliance remains largely diplomatic and commercial, according to Fraser. But he maintains there are still too many unknowns to simply discount its long-term strategic importance vis-a-vis the growth of Islamic terror groups in the region.

"There are flights between Iran and Venezuela on a weekly basis, and visas are not required for entrance into Venezuela or Bolivia or Nicaragua. So we don’t have a lot of visibility in who’s visiting and who isn’t, and that’s really where I see the concerns," Fraser says.

"It is a concern, and it is an issue we will continue to monitor for any increasing activity," Fraser said.

Fraser also told the Senate Armed Services Committee that military intelligence confirmed Iran has hosted heads of state from three countries: Bolivia, Guyana and Venezuela.

But Fraser isn't just concerned about Iran forming a beach-head in the region. The Iranian-supported Hizbullah terror-organization is also developing a dangerous presence in Latin America, Fraser says. In addition to fundraising and recruiting in the region, the terror group has reportedly started muscling in on the Mexican drug trade.

Fraser is not the first to warn lawmakers from both parties about Latin America's vulnerability to radical Islam. In 2007, Marine Corps General Peter Pace, the Bush Administration’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Armed Services Committee elements of radical Islamic groups were active in South America recruiting and training terrorists.

Pace specifically cited Hizbullah and al-Qaeda, but the Senate chose not to act on Pace's warnings at the time.

Due to Fraser's lobbying, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security’s Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence will hold a hearing entitled "Hizbullah in Latin America – Implications for U.S. Homeland Security" on July 7th.

Hindus protest Muslim prayers at public school

Hindus from across Toronto plan to protest outside a North York middle school until a controversial Friday prayer session for 400 Muslim students is stopped.

The Canadian Hindu Advocacy is one of a number of Toronto-area groups who are opposed to the 30- to 40-minute services that occurred in the cafeteria of Valley Park Middle School on Overlea Blvd. from November to March.

An imam from a local mosque is brought to school to head the service, officials said. During the service male students are made to sit in front of the girls.

“This is alarming and unacceptable,” said Advocacy director Ron Banerjee. “We respect the separation of church and state.”

He said his group will be sending letters of protest to the Toronto District School Board in the next few days and calling for an end of the noon-time services. That will be followed by protests in November, when the services resume, if the prayers are to continue next school year.

“There’s not supposed to be any religious classes taking place in public schools,” Banerjee said. “We will be asking the board to stop the practice.”

He said school officials stopped students from reciting the Lord’s Prayers years ago and his group will picket the Muslim classes if the practice isn’t stopped.

“Our organization has received many complaints from Hindu students and parents in the Valley Park Middle School region,” Banerjee said.

He said his group would like to begin a discussion with TDSB authorities aimed at restoring secular education within the school system.

“We would also like to discuss the serving of halal meat within TDSB schools,” he said. “Our organization is determined to ensure all Hindu students are provided non-halal meat alternatives.”


Christian hospital under attack in Pakistan

A group of Muslims tries to seize forcibly a Christian hospital in Taxila, 32 kilometres from the capital Islamabad by making false claims with police. The intervention of Christian leaders and Bishop Rufin Anthony stops the threat.

An attempt by a group of Muslims to take over the Christian Hospital in Taxila was recently foiled. On Saturday, Malik Nur Muhammad, Malik Riaz and Malik Abdul Razzak, influential local Muslims, filed a First Information Report (FIR) with police against the administration of the hospital. The facility, which is located almost 32 kilometres from Islamabad, was established by United Presbyterian Church. They complainants say they bought the hospital and accuse the administrators of refusing to hand it over. They also accuse the current administration of blasphemy but did not include such an accusation in their original application.