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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Arab Muslims are dictating other nationalities and imposed Islamic religion on them forcibly


The Arab Muslims dictated the other nationality (Non Arab people), such as Kurds, Jews, Berbers in North Africa, Copts in Egypt, Sudanese (Dinka speaking) Christians in Sudan, and forth. These non Arab nationalities are still subject to discrimination, massacre, assassinations, kidnapping, abducting and even the Arabs tried to wipe off these entire nationalities and at the result, this massacre had an enormous impact of their cultures, heritage, religions, and their identities.

During the spread of Islam 13 centuries ago even and afterwards, the Arab Muslims forcibly conquered other lands of non (Arab nations), for instance, Kurdistan, Iran, Judea (the Jews land), North Africa, South of Sudan (Christian people). During the Arab occupation, they tried to occupy their lands and to change their identity by imposing the Arab language on them, and by prohibiting their native languages to be used in education. They are still not allowed to name their kids using Kurdish, Judean, or African names. They are not allowed to follow their religions, for example Islam was forcibly imposed on the Kurds and even the Holly book of Avesta was destroyed by Omar Ibn al-Khatab, as a result of this the Zoroastrian religion was wiped out.

These nationalities are predating Arabs in the Middle East by thousands of years. But their lands are still occupied by the Arabs. The Arab invaders established dozen scores of Arab states. The Kurds in Syria for instance have not got any basic human rights, such as Syrian passport, Citizenship and their language is prohibited to be taught in education. The flow of the Islamic occupation has made our land to be restrained by the Arabs and then Arab migration started on our land and then started the unpopular (Arabaziation Policy) in Kurdistan, and in other (non Arab lands), for instance Tikrit used to be a Kurdish city and Salahaddin Al-Aiwbi was born in the same city, but now conquered by them.

The dirty Arabization policy is still in place for instance the Kurds during the time of the former executed Saddam Hussein; hundreds of thousands of Kurds from the city of Kerkuk were expelled from their homeland. Then their homes were given to the Arab occupiers. After that, they became refugees

in other countries and even in their own land in the past and at the present time. The former Iraqi Government did not stop its aggression against the Kurds and continuously expelled hundreds of thousands of Kurdish Jews and Feli Kurds from the city of Baghdad and the other parts of Kurdistan. This is the fairness of the Arabs. Hundreds thousands of Jews people from Morocco left and went to Israel. May be more than a million Arabs live in Israel (the land of Judea), but they have their own passport, they use their own language without any restrictions, but the Kurds in their own land are not allowed to use their language and they have been excluded from their basic rights as human beings.

The Arabs have destroyed our culture and religion, for instance, I went to A Kurdish Art Gallery show that was held in the suburb of Liverpool in Sydney Australia, on Sunday afternoon 4th July, the Art Gallery Show was held by Adnan Kerkuki and was supported by United Kurdish Association of NSW. We looked at his show, it was great, but unfortunately, it was poorly presented and the pictures were not put in frames or glass covers, but the contents were very good and could attract the hearts of people that looked at the show.

Adnan had presented a similar Art Gallery in Erbil (Hewler) the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, but in a better way as he said. His next Art Gallery is going to be in London.

The contents of the Art Gallery were great and he had so many photographs that were taken from Kerkuk, the historical Kurdish city of South Kurdistan. He had photos in the show that some of the writings’ history go back to thousands years. He had a photo of the Prophet Daniel’s grave, but unfortunately his grave was covered in green fabric, and a (verse) piece of Koran was written on it, in Arabic. Daniel, from Hebrew word meaning God is my Judge, is one of the major prophets of the Old Testament.

Next, what I saw in one of his photographs, he put two different photos next to each other, when I realised that one of the pictures even predating Jesus Christ and had a (Minaret) in it, originally which belongs to the old Kurdish Zoroastrian and Yezidi religions. But the second picture had the same (Minaret), but the top of the Minaret was changed and was put an arch which indicates mosque minaret. Then at the result of these changes, I believe strongly that the Arab Muslims tried to change our religion forcibly, and change our true identity by misleading. They stole them and used them as their own.

Daniel was of royal family maybe born in or near Jerusalem about 622 B.C. The tomb attributed to Daniel is located in the Kirkuk Citadel in the city of Kirkuk, (Kurdistan of Iraq), historically the site was a Jewish temple then afterwards, and it was changed into a Christian church and at the end was turned into a Muslim mosque. The mosque has arches, pillars and two domes on a decorated base and beside it, there are three minarets. The mosque is around 400 square meters and it has four tombs which they belong to (Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah. As the respect of Kirkuk people towards Christians and Jews was so boundless, they like to bury their dead next to Daniel's Tomb. This famous and historic graveyard regarded as the first cemetery in Kirkuk.

The grave of profit Daniel proves that the Jews people lived in Israel and the Middle East before the existence of the Arabs in the area. The minaret tells me the existence of the Kurds religion and the Zoroastrian religion survived thousands of years before the Arab invaders invaded Kerkuk and the Middle East in general. They have given every right to themselves in our land but they call us Koofar (infidels) or Second Jews state people, and even they call the Sudanese people (Kurds), because they are asking for their basic human rights.

I want to tell the world about the brutality of the Arab Muslims. When I was a child my parents were exiled to Baghdad by the former Saddam’s regime during 1968 and I was living with my grandparents in the sacred town of Berzinje for over 3 years.

The Kurdish people in those days were working very hard in order to build their houses and to live with out relaying on somebody else support. The Iraqi governments in the past had never given financial support such as home loans or any social benefits to ease the lives of people. People had to rely on themselves in order to survive. My grandparents and other close relatives had vineyards to rely on and they had to look after their farms all through the year. You know later on what happened to those houses,www.ekurd.netvineyards and farms, maybe you don’t. I was a refugee in Turkey in 1988 and then headed to Australia in 1989, when I was told by my cousin what happened to our ancient town and their vineyards; they were all burnt down to the ground, including their houses.

The Muslim Arab solders put TNT under the ground floor of each house, and then they all blew up. Their farms and vineyards were destroyed by air bombs and artillery missiles until they were all burnt down and made to be flatted with the ground. Dear readers you decide who are unbelievers and infidels, the Kurds or the Arab Muslim solders. Two houses of my two grandparents were flatted to the ground, my aunt, cousins, relatives and many friends. More than 600 houses were destroyed and ruined by the Arabs and even now people are not able to rebuild their houses due to having lack of financial support.

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