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Monday, January 10, 2011

Online petition for the Christians of Egypt

A letter to the World Leaders. Please sign and help us get 500 thousand more signatures. After we achieve a large number of signatures, the letter will be printed with all signatures and sent to each Effective Leader in the Western World. For example, in Canada, it will be addressed to the Prime Minister, in the U.S . to the President Obama and Congressional leaders and it will be hand delivered by one of our representatives.

For: The Blood of the Christians of Egypt (the Copts)
To: The International Community, The U.N. Seceratary General, World Leaders

For 27 years, the current regime has used religion to further its grip on power. As puppeteers, our government is pining Muslims (85% of the population) against Christians. While talented and educated, Christians and Muslims have not been able to realize their full potential. As a result, recent years have witnessed radical islamic movements escalate the tension, to the point of calling for “Jihad” against non-Muslims in the world in general (recall the 911 attacks on US soil), and against Christians in Egypt.

The recent heinous attacks on the churches in Iraq (57 dead), Naga-Hammadi (7 dead), and Alexandria (23 dead), just to mention a few, are undeniable facts that radical Islamic militants are on the rise and corrupt regime give them breeding ground.

We are now standing together, shoulder to shoulder, Muslims and Christians alike, and ask for your help. We are asking that the International Community, the U.N, the U.S. Congress, the European Union, and all other freedom loving nations exert pressure on the Egyptian President Mubarak to take the following actions:

1- Allow for an investigation that is monitored by an international organization of the Alexandria Church attack to find out who the actual perpetrators are, and bring them to justice. Please note that immediately after the attack, and without any fact gathering efforts, members of the Egyptian government pointed fingers to ‘foreign elements’.

2- The immediate arrest and trial of Mohamed Salim El Awaa who has been documented to propagate and incite hatred and violence all over Egyptian media which resulted in the latest attacks on Coptic Churches.

3- The immediate firing of the Minister of Interior who not only failed to protect Christians, but also is responsible for the killing of two protestors in Al Umraniah three weeks prior. Under his watch security forces have beaten protesters, attacked and assaulted women, and rigged elections.

4- The passing of, and without delay, the “Unified Law for Building Places of Worship” so Christians can build badly needed places of worship.

5- The immediate arrest and trial of those security forces responsible for the killing of Copts in Al Umraniah, as well as those responsible for the killing of Copts in Naga-Hammadi, El Kosheh, Abu Kurkas and many other areas where Christians fell victims to religious violence.

6- The passing of, and without delay, the “Anti Discrimination Law” and making it a crime to discriminate based on religion, color, gender, race/ethnicity, national origin, disability, or age.

7- Changing the elections laws so that parliamentary elections are ran by ‘A List’ rather than the current system to allow all Egyptians to have representations of their parliament, instead of the current one party system.

8- Modifying all public education material including the removal of all mandated Islamic texts for non-Muslims, and religious hatred and incitement against Christians, Jews, Bahaiis, or any other sects, and replacing this material with topics that teach children the values of democracy, human rights, religious freedom, openness, and diversity.

9- In accordance to the constitution the above will not be possible to enforce in the Egyptian courts without, modifying the second article of the Egyptian constitution which contradicts the civil liberty and rights of all non-Muslims in Egypt.

In short we are asking for basic human rights, equality, and prosperity for all Egyptians living side by side in a democratic and free country. We are confident that if Egypt becomes a democratic and fair country, the entire world will benefit from what the Egyptians can offer.

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