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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nigerian Muslims kill Christians


Youths in Iraqi area of Sokoto metropolis yesterday sparked a violent protest over an alleged defilement on the Holy Qur'an.

The incident, according to eyewitnesses, came when a boy (name withheld) was discovered to have urinated on a copy of the holy around book the area. Some youth who saw the unholy act were said to have descended on the boy and severely beat him up before he was rescued by security men attached to the Sultan of Sokoto's palace and later taken to the police for protective custody.

However, the youths was said to be still unsatisfied by the boy's rescue and later staged a violent protest against the palace guards who had saved him....

Attackers stormed three villages in Bauchi State ahead of elections, killing at least two people and setting a number of houses ablaze, police said yesterday....
A group of attackers stormed three predominately Christian farming villages in the Bogoro area, state police spokesman Mohammed Barau said.

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