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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Jihad in Sudan enters a new phase: North Sudanese troops seize South Sudanese border town of Abiye

'It comes weeks before the South is due to become independent and follows fierce fighting between the government's Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the rebel's (sic: that should be "rebels' " - but why is AFP still calling them rebels in any case, given that within weeks they will be the lawful armed forces of an independent nation? - CM) Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA).

"The SAF have entered Abyei, there is still fighting but they have come with tanks, they are shooting and shooting", SPLA spokesman Philip Aguer said.

"Our police have been fighting but the SAF have sent many soldiers in", he said, speaking by phone from Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

The United States condemned the Abyei offensive and called on Sudan's armed forces "to immediately cease all offensive operations in Abyei and withdraw its forces from Abyei".

And if they don't?  That condemnation, and that call, had better be backed up by the wielding of a great big stick, with force and with precision.  We are confronted by Muslim North Sudan, in an act of brazen aggression, testing the non-Muslim world, to see whether it [North Sudan] can get away with murder and robbery in broad daylight against the new nation of South Sudan, as once it got away with mass murder and robbery when those South Sudanese were within its jurisdiction. It is in South Sudan, not in Libya or Afghanistan or Iraq, that the resources of non-Muslim nations such as France, Britain and the USA stand a real chance of halting and rolling back the advance of the Global Jihad.

What matters in Africa most of all is that the Ummah, or Mohammedan mob, is steadily grinding its way southward into majority-Christian and animist black Africa, killing, enslaving, corrupting, destroying good things and making bad things worse.  And that the free nations - many of the unfree are backing the ummah - should desire to see it stopped, and muster the will to assist the non-Muslim Africans to do so.

Abyei's furture is the most sensitive of a raft of issues that the two sides in Sudan are struggling to agree on before the south is recognised as an independent state in July

News of the Sudanese army breakthrough came after reports of an increase in fighting.

'Shooting broke out late Thursday as UN peacekeepers escorted 200 northern SAF troops out of the contested area, with both armies accusing each other of having started the fight.

When dealing with incidents like this, where you have one party's word against the other's, on balance it would be wisest to trust the non-Muslim South Sudanese account of events, given that their opponents are Muslims who have a demonstrated track record of lying, cheating and fighting dirty and one of whose special tricks is a sleight-of-hand by which they start a fight and then pretend that the other guy started it.

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Anonymous said...

We cannot let this happen...we need to spread the news of this aggression and let the world see the truth of these ugly aggressive arrogant people in the North who just want what does not belong to them. We cannot let the world just sweep this under the rug just so they can say there is peace now, peace cannot be achieved by robbery and bullying...if this kind of behaviour is not stopped then it will just get worse till it will eventually reach our own homes.