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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood arms Ogaden rebels

Although he began his life with joining the Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria .. However, he split on the group   after a few years , he founded “Civic Egypt’s  site” on the net since about one year ago ,  and  Because between this approach and that a vast sea , and Because he grew up at the Muslim Brotherhood  school ,  raised on their  ideology.

For all of that I thought to have an interview with him about:  Why did he leave the Muslim Brotherhood?  What are their inside system of work?  Why he considers the attack on Christians is not random and not bullying, but organized process with a specific goal?  And what some religious symbols meant by (We will implement the Islamic legitimate punishment, after we own the land)? The reasons of Muslim Brotherhood refusal of any criticism to them or to their ideology and meet that with threats? , And why he affirms that the ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is “being masters of the world”?

I present to you this very exciting interview with “Moomen Sallam”, a dissident member of Muslim Brotherhood, Who is full of nice ideas and humanitarian tendencies.

- What is happening now is a process “to break the Christians”.

- Adopting the majority of Muslims now to extremist interpretations of the chapters of Quran, is Due to tow elements!

- The Relationship between “ElBaradei”, Muslim Brotherhood and the American organization of “Soros”.

Muslim Brotherhood applies the proverb “fight others with loud voice unless they beat you!”

-The Muslim Brotherhood is waiting for the opportunity to apply “Al Hedoud” (the Islamic legitimate punishment)  , Do not believe what they said about they care for the  will of the people .

- This is what Islamic spiritual guide meant with: ”we‘ll raise the society as we want, till it comes to us requesting to apply the Islamic legitimate punishment of sharia  )!

- All   unions and syndicates turned into Muslim Brotherhood political unions, and not unions with purpose of serving people.

The accusation of “scientists of Sultan (president)” has been stuck to Al-Azhar sheikhs.
- Without a culture of acceptance the other, Egypt will be moving into the abyss.

- All the talk about “Shura” within the Muslim Brotherhood groups Is “imaginary”.

- These are the groups who we named them as “central security” within the Brotherhood.

- If the “Education Department” opened its mouse, you’ll hear the sweetest “rubble”, like (Hell with Egypt, the democracy is infidelity)!

-Certainly what is happening to members of   the Muslim Brotherhood group is a “brainwashed”!

- Muslim Brotherhood is extremist and closed minded.

Moomen explains: “99% of the Muslim Brotherhood members are being recruited to the group  … While I actually joined the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987 with my choice without being recruited.

The recruitment process has its origins basis.  The process starts with a friendship between a person of Muslim Brotherhood and an ordinary person. Through this friendship, the Muslim Brotherhood member starts to promote the average person’s mind.  The process in   which   begins the transmission of the Muslim Brotherhood Ideology in the person.

And then Muslim Brotherhood member invites average person for entertainment journey … (jokes, play and laughter) … but in between, ideas and thoughts happens to be promoted to him.

You said: “till they reach to the stage of “Well we needed   to do something for Islam and we have to save the Muslims from oppression and restore the “Sharia of Allah” (Islamic legislation of God), What kind of persecution that they convince you that the Muslims are facing?

They consider “Non-implementation of Sharia” kind of oppression. The arrests of some members of their groups, they considered also a persecution against Muslims, not just the Brotherhood.

Also , they say that : “ as we  are all Muslims, so there nothing  called Egyptian, Syrian or Malaysian” , so they used to fill a Muslim Brotherhood member’s mind with thoughts like: “That Muslims are persecuted in the Philippines ,The province of Ogaden ,  in Ethiopia, beside Palestine  of course,  they are persecuted also.  Therefore, it’s required that we save our sisters and brothers in religion from the persecution.


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