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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family members of the Iranian Islamic leaders are attracted to Chrsitainity

One of the greatest concerns of the Islamic Republic leaders is the ever-increasing interest of the Iranian population, inside and outside of Iran, to Christianity and this interest has reached the family members of these leaders.

One of the websites tied to the fundamentalist and pro-government of Iran, Jahan News, reported recently that more than 40 Iranian ambassadors had failed their job appraisals and had been summoned back to Iran. "Jahan News" reported the son of one these ambassadors, who had been an ambassador for more than 20 years, had become a Christian and has not returned to Iran anymore.

The Iranian Christian News Agency " Mohabat News " is aware of the names and information of several children and other family members of the Iranian diplomatic and high ranking officials who, in the recent years have secretly become Christians, but due to security issues and fear of arrest and persecution have remained incognito.

Information available to the Iranian Christian News Agency " Mohabat News " analysts indicates that the pace and scope of the spread of Christianity in Iran is so fast and wide that even among the members of the armed forces and the Pasdaran Army (the Revolutionary Guards) many have turned to Christianity or are seriously researching the Christian faith


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