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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Muslim radical finds Christ through Christian Radio


Every day, Muslims listeners to Christian radio and satellite television broadcasts call ICC sponsored representatives to ask about Jesus. One of our representatives told us the encouraging story of Mohammad, a self-described Muslim extremist, who found Christ by listening to Christian radio:

Mohammad called us on the telephone from Morocco. He began the conversation by sharing his story: “I was a Muslim extremist. I learned the Koran by heart and was extremely careful to not disobey the commandments which were sacred to me. I only spoke with Koranic verses and with writings from the 40 Hadiths and I only went with people who were like me. That was my conviction and my faith. I tried to be perfect for many years.

However, in my heart I knew that there was emptiness. I wasn’t happy. Something spiritual was missing.

In the evening, plunged deep in my solitude, I listened to Christian radio. I was curious to see how the people of “the book” (meaning Christians) lived their faith. I liked the messages about love and the teachings touched me profoundly. The Lord entered into my life. I became a new person. My hatred towards others changed into love. I pray that this will happen to others as it happened to me.”

After, Mohammed suggested that we broadcast programs that show how new believers are being persecuted and how missionaries were being expelled from North Africa. He said that it is important that people know - especially Christians - how to pray so that the Lord will intervene. Mohammed expressed the need to put some pressure on those in authority to lighten the burden that Christians carry in the Middle East.

I share Mohammad’s story because it is an incredible testimony of how God is revealing Himself to Muslims throughout the Middle East. The church around the world must be encouraged and rejoice over what God is doing.

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