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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ethiopian domestic worker beaten in front of her own embassy in Lebanon

If this much brutality can happen in Public, how much abuse is committed inside a house?

The identity of the aggressor of the Ethiopian is revealed: Will juctice be served?

The identity of the aggressor of the Ethiopian domestic worker was revealed. He even gave an interview to LBCI news, who had initially showed the shocking phone footage of incident.

Despite the council of ministers' statement on this issue, condemnations by government officials, extensive media coverage and human rights activists outrage, the aggressor, who works in an employment agency, remains free.

The Ethiopian consul reiterated his request for the Lebanese authorities to assign a security guard to the consulate. Caritas representative said that this is a case of human trafficking. He said that similar incidents in front of his embassy are recurrent.

Consul General of Ethiopia in Beirut is Ato Adem Nurhussein Adem.

Telephone (+961) 1 388 786
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