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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ethiopian Pentes Attacked by Muslims

Hundreds of angry Muslims reportedly attacked evangelical churches in the western Arsi zone of Ethiopia, injuring at least three Christians.

U.S.-based advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC) told Worthy News that some 300 people "ransacked Mulu Wongel Evangelical Church and set fire to church property" in the town of Senbete on September 11, after Christians allegedly desecrated the Koran, seen as holy book by Muslims.

Muslims also attacked the nearby home of a church leader, identified as Evangelist Gizachew, destroying his clothes, chairs, tables, sofa, bicycles, and television, ICC said.

The mob then reportedly marched to Kale Hiwot Evangelical Church where they attacked Christians who were celebrating the Ethiopian New Year. The country follows its own Orthodox calendar that is almost eight years behind that of the West.


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