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Friday, August 6, 2010

British parents’ fury at plans for halal-only menus in primary schools


Parents have expressed fury at plans to serve pupils halal-only menus for school dinners. In a move which has also enraged animal welfare groups, only meat from animals killed and prepared using Islamic teaching may be allowed at 52 primaries in Harrow.

The local authority is thought to be the first in England to consider insisting on a halal-only menu apparently after recommendations of dietitians.

Using the halal method, animals are slaughtered by being slashed across the neck and being left so that the blood drains from the carcass.

The religious ritual, which does not allow the animals to be stunned beforehand, is considered cruel by campaigners and is exempt from animal welfare laws.

Harrow resident Sheila Murphy told the Harrow Observer: 'I am appalled at Harrow Council’s decision to serve only Halal meat in the borough’s schools.

'The Farm Animal Welfare Council has lobbied the government in the past to get the Kosher and Halal method of slaughter banned.

'The Halal method, in which animals are slaughtered by a single slit to the throat, is the only way of killing livestock allowed under Islam but this method is deemed cruel by some animal-lovers, who object to the slow death it involves.

'Harrow Council’s decision is also taking away the choice of children and their parents over what meat they eat and I urge Harrow residents to make their views known to Harrow Council and get this decision overturned.'



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