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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where are Muslim nations?

Meanwhile, the non-Muslim world and Christian relief organizations show their usual generosity towards giving hands to the flood victims in Pakistan, rich Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia, so glutted with petrodollars, have been slow or stingy in their response to a disaster that affects their non-Arab Muslim brethren. There was the tsunami, and the needs of the World Food Program. Even in one of the latest crises in Pakistan in 2009, their slowness to respond was noted.


Saudi Arabia is sitting on close to a one trillion dollar surplus. So is the U.A.E. Kuwait and Qatar and the other Muslim oil states have smaller amounts. And remember that Saudi Arabia's population -- not its declared, but its real population -- cannot exceed 20 million (exclusive of the foreign wage-slaves who do all the work, and without whom Saudi Arabia would collapse), while the native Arabs in the U.A.E. and Kuwait cannot total more than one million, or possibly two. And these are the people who year after year after year, receive hundreds of billions of dollars without lifting a finger to earn or merit it.

Yet it is the Infidel nation-states that are spending a fortune to protect Afghans from the Taliban. It is the Infidel nation-states, or rather the United States, that spent or has committed two trillion dollars (see Stiglitz and Blimes, "The Three Trillion Dollar War") to make Iraq unified and prosperous -- vain hope, vain expenditure. It is the Infidels who give aid to Egypt -- $75 billion from Ameria alone, to Jordan, to the "Palestian" Arabs who, under Arafat or under his close collaborator and successor Mahmoud Abbas, keep receiving billions and billions, many of which they divert to the uses of their own warlords and those warlords' families.

Meanwhile, all that "social justice" that Muslim converts keep being taken in by? There is none. The elites in Muslim OPEC countries seize as much of the revenues for themselves as they can: see the Al-Saud, the Al-Nahyan, the Al-Thani, the Al-Sabah, the Al-This and the Al-That. In other Muslim countries or entities, such as Egypt, with Mubarak's Family-and-Friends plan, or in Jordan, where the Son-of-the-Plucky-Little-King now rules, or -- as just noted above - in the Fatahstan of the Slow Jihadists (the Hamastan of the Fast Jihadists are temporarily to get nothing, until they learn to lie like the Slow Jihadists, and tell the Western donors what they want to hear) the wealth they divert comes in the form of Western, chiefly American, aid.

And when there is a tsunami, and the hyper-Muslims of Aceh need aid, who sends it? The United States. Not Saudi Arabia, not the U.A.E., not Kuwait, not Qatar, not Libya, not Oman, not Iran. When Pakistan has an earthquake, who sends aid? The United States, not Saudi Araabia, not the U.A.E., not Kuwait, not Qatar, not Libya, not Oman, not Iran. When there are floods in Pakistan, meretricious Pakistan, the Pakistan whose national heroes are A. Q. Khan and Aafiya Siddiqui, who sends aid? The United States, not Saudi Araabia, not the U.A.E., not Kuwait, not Qatar, not Libya, not Oman, not Iran.

When the Americans, when James Baker, tried to get Iraq's foreign debt cancelled so as to help the country, the Americans, the British, the French, the Germans, all the Europeans, and Japan too, agreed to cancel nearly one hundred billion dollars in debt. Whey James Baker tried to get Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., and Kuwait to cancel the debt Iraq owed them, they refused -- and as far as I know, only the U.A.E. has given any sign of reconsidering.

The unity of the Umma, the Muslim community, does not include sharing of any wealth. The unity of the Umma exists only as against the Infidels, and then that unity is much on view.

Now is the time for the American government, or others, to call attention to the selfishness and greed of those rich Arab states, to list the amounts they have in reserve and to note how much could be done with a tiny fraction of those trillions. The amounts transferred to Muslim states and peoples by non-Muslim states and peoples should be brought up on every occasion. And especially with the 80% of the world's Muslims who are not Arabs, the American and other Western governments should keep raising the issue, in order to begin to get Musims thinking about all the ways that Islam, despite its universalist pretensions, has always been a vehicle for Arab cultural, lingustic, and other forms of imperialism -- that is, a vehicle for Arab supremacism.

That should be one of this decade's supreme themes: Islam as a vehicle for Arab supremacism. And don't let up on this theme for one minute.

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