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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Could you trust Muslims?

After reading like the above school story, or watching videos like this, one comes to the conclusion that Muslims could never be trusted.

Apparently, Quran itself instructs its followers to lie and deceive in the name of promoting Islam. Sure, Muslims will tell you that Islam denounces lies but it is the words of their Prophet himself that specifically allows a member of his cohort to lie in order to slay one of his enemies. and this is of course just one example of the Quran promoting deceit.

One might honestly ask how on earth could a particular religion itself practically teach people to lie if their purpose is to promote the cause of Islam.
This actually explains quite a lot.

It explains how Muslims can promote themselves as peaceful or whatever but when the concentration of Muslims actually becomes considerate in any given country, violence is certain to occur. They are lying. They are either presenting a facade of a peaceful citizen or they are not aware of what Islam really is about. Unfortunately, given the specific instructions in their holy book, it can't be accepted that only the second type exists.

In a rational and healthy world you are supposed to receive from a religion correct values that will make you a member of society. When a religion itself instructs you to be a liar and you fail to denounce this religion, then we are left with no other choice but to label you as a liar and take the appropriate social actions people should take against any liar.

Sure, a Mulsim might say that he does not follow that part of the Quran’s teachings but how do we then know that he is not lying once more in order to appease us until he has enough power over us so as not to care if we consider him a deceiver anymore?

When you own beliefs instruct you to become a liar, then the only way to regain our trust if to denounce these beliefs. Anything less can easily be faked.


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