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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Somali Al Qaeda group makes threats against Christian Ethiopians

Al Shebab and Kamboni mujahideen extremists have joined forces with Al-Qaeda after concluding an alliance. Having already caused the deaths of several thousands of Somalis of all denominations, they have announced their intention to target the country’s Christian minority and Ethiopians.

Two bloody Islamist movements in Somalia have agreed to join forces with Al-Qaeda, an international terrorist organization. Last Friday, Al Shebab, an extremist movement that has been most active around Mogadishu, announced its alliance with the Kamboni mujahideen militia based in Kismayo, a port town south of the country. The two groups agreed to swear allegiance to Al Qaeda.

In a statement released Friday, they revealed that their objective is to combat the Christian minority in Somalia. "We have agreed to join the international jihad of al Qaeda ... We have also agreed to unite al Shabaab and Kamboni mujahideen to liberate the Eastern and Horn of Africa community who are under the feet of minority Christians," the statement read.

Christians in Somalia are very few. Most of them are attached to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, while a few hundred Catholics worship in one single diocese located in Mogadishu. The alliance could see Al Shabaab and Kamboni extending their attacks to hit Ethiopian troops, who intervened in late 2006 in Somalia.
"We have united to revive the military strength, economy and politics of our mujahideen to stop the war created by the colonisers, and to prevent the attacks of the Christians who invaded our country." Experts have said by "Christians", the extremists are referring to Ethiopia.


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