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Friday, February 5, 2010

When we need money we go to a mosque, but, when we need God we go to a church

Sudan is the microcosm of Africa’s unacknowledged Arab problem, a problem of racism, colonialism, enslavement and an Arab-Muslim agenda of religious, cultural, political and territorial expansion at the expense of Eastern Africa.

In Sudan, Black Africans (The Afro-Sudanese in South Sudan, Darfur, Nubia, etc) are fighting against an Arab settler minority regime, ruling from Khartoum. They are fighting against a racist, Arab supremacist rule that is worse, much worse, than the ill-famed South African Apartheid. The Sudan situation has many of the features of Apartheid and, to make things worse, the raiding of black African villages by Arabs who sell black captives into slavery in Northern Sudan and other parts of the Arab world, is still going on there today in the 21st century. Slave raiding was not even part of the loathsome evils of Apartheid.

The South Sudanese, after a 50years war of liberation (1955-2005)—the longest war in Africa-- finally got Khartoum to sign the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA, in 2005. The CPA has the backing of the International Community. It grants the South Sudanese limited autonomy through the Government of South Sudan, and provides for a Self-Determination referendum in 2011. The referendum will give the people of South Sudan the chance to decide whether South Sudan will remain within Sudan or secede and become independent.

In a replay of how Khartoum unilaterally abrogated the 1972 Addis Abeba peace accord that ended the Anya-Anya phase of the Afro-Arab race war in Sudan, [an accord that, like the CPA, also granted regional autonomy to South Sudan], Khartoum is determined to kill the CPA, and is maneuvering to resume war on South Sudan and prevent the referendum.

Khartoum claims that its war on the Afro-Darfurians is just a counter-insurgency operation, and that its war on South Sudan is a jihad, a religious war to Islamize the Christians and polytheists of South Sudan.

Vice-President Taha has recently (2007) called on the Muslims in the South to take up arms as he ‘was ready to put the oil revenue in Sudan to support the war in South Sudan to liberate the South from the infidels backed by the Israelites’.

He declared that time had come for the people of Sudan to unite against the ‘infidels’. He remarked that the war in South Sudan took 21 years but that the new crusade to liberate the South would only take 21 days.

Sudan, it has been noted is “a front of a fresh wave of Arab conquest and Arabization of Black Africa”

“We don’t want these black slaves . . . what we want is their land.” – Arab Sudanese General Hassan Beshir Nasr, 1962

“Sudan is the basis of the Arab thrust into the heart of black Africa, the Arab civilizing mission” –President Nimeiry, 1969

“Sudan is geographically in Africa but is Arab in its aspirations and destiny. We consider ourselves the Arab spearhead in Africa, linking the Arab world to the African continent” – Prime Minister Mahgoub, 1968

“We want to Islamise America and Arabise Africa” – Dr Hassan El-Turabi, chief ideologue of Jellaba-Arab minority rule in Sudan, 1999

“The third of the Arab community living outside Africa should move in with the two-thirds on the continent and join the African Union ‘which is the only space we have” – Col. Mouammar Gadhafi of Libya, at the Arab League, 2001

“Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long as there is Islam.” – from a 2003 lecture by Saudi Arabian religious leader Sheik Saleh Al-Fawzan

“The south [Sudan] will remain an inseparable part of the land of Islam, God willing, even if the war continued for decades.” – Osama bin Laden, 2006

In Sudan one is classified as an Arab if one is Muslim and speaks Arabic, and especially if one has the light (red) skin of the part-black hajin. Most of these Sudanese Arabs are actually Nubian-Arab mixed breeds (hajins) who are culturally Arabized. For being part-African, these hajins from Sudan are held in contempt by the true Arabs. These despised black wannabe Arabs are so desperate to earn acceptance by the white and true Arabs that they have become fanatical agents for Arab expansionism into black Africa. The white Arabs, for their part, though despising these wannabe Arabs, gladly use them as monkey’s paw to advance Arab expansionism.

Khartoum’s project is the Arabisation of Sudan. Khartoum is determined that Sudan will eventually become wholly an Arab land with all its diverse African peoples converted into Arabs. Sudan is Khartoum’s pilot project, backed by the Arab League, in the Islamisation and Arabisation of Black Africa.

The Arab civilizational project formulated by the President of Egypt Gamal-Abdul Nasser in the 1950s is called “el Tawaja el Hadhariya”.

Nasser said: “ We certainly cannot, under any conditions, relinquish our responsibility to help spread the light of knowledge and civilization to the very depth of the virgin jungles of the [African] continent . . .. Africa is now the scene of a strange and stirring turmoil . . . We cannot . . . stand as mere onlookers, deluding ourselves into believing that we are in no way concerned. .

The following are some of the Arab expansionist ambitions in Africa:

1.To bring the entire Nile headwaters under Arab rule

2.To conquer, enslave, Islamize and Arabize black Africans, as through the war on South Sudan

3.To annex black African lands, as in Libya’s long campaign to annex Chad’s Auzou strip

4.To ethnic cleanse and change the demographic character of black African lands by importing Arab settlers, as in Darfur, Nubia and Mauritania today. Arabs would civilize black Africans by inflicting on them war, gang rape of boys and women, genocide, and land expropriation.

The deAfricanisation campaigns of Islamisation-Arabization was, of course, not confined to Sudan, but has been done wherever Arabs spotted an opportunity to exploit African weakness, such as Mauritania, Chad, Somalia, Eritrea, Uganda. In the past 40 years, Libya’s Gadhafi has been particularly active in sponsoring chaos, anarchy and civil wars in Chad, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire etc., and in trying to Islamise Uganda, Rwanda, the CAR etc. For example, in a live broadcast on Rwanda Radio on 17 May 1985, Gadhafi said:

“First you must stick to your Islamic religion and insist that your children are taught the Islamic religion and you teach the Arabic language because without the Arabic language we could not understand Islam. . . You must teach that Islam is the religion of Africa. . . You must raise your voice high and declare that Allah is great because Africa must be Muslim. . . We must wage a holy war so that Islam may spread in Africa.”

Christian children in South Sudan are systematically forced into Islamic dhmmititude by being denied education and career opportunities unless they change their faith and names. It's common these days that a Christian South Sudanese attends Muslim prayers on Fridays and Christian congregations on Sundays. I asked one of these “dual-faith” Sudanese how it is possible for a Christian to attend a Muslim place of worship. The Christian Sudanese immediately answered: “ When we need money we go to a mosque, but when we need God we go to a church”.

Recent pressure on the part of Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to question the old Nile treaties with Egypt, which has extensive interests in Sudan, is a very good sign of a farsighted ambition. Ethiopians should continue following the situation in South Sudan very closely, they should wait anxiously wait for the planned Self-Determination referendum in 2011. South Sudan needs the brotherly Ethiopian help to ensure a lasting and just peace and freedom.

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