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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sudan's forgotten people

When it comes to Sudan, it should be clear by now that the arabized Sudanese of the north have no intention of allowing the southern, indigenous African Sudanese to hold a Self-Determination referendum in 2011. The Arabs will never allow the black Africans of the south, Christians and animists, to do that. They will never allow them to leave and take with them the oil that is under their lands.

The effect of such an act would be spectacular. Black African Christians all over the Continent, now reeling from the effects of Saudi and Libyan money, would be heartened. (One small example of the effects of that money: Gaddafi was allowed to buy sound systems for all the mosques in Lome, in Togo, by buying off the ruler of Togo with a Lamborghini and other expensive trifles. The azan is now heard everywhere in Lome, and more mosques are going up, and the Christian Togolese are full of justified anxiety.)

The U.N., controlled by the Arabs, could not come out clearly against this move, for the world's newspapers would be full of pictures of grateful black Africans surrounding their saviors from the Arab Muslims - those American soldiers. The E.U. would, for once, have to remain silent. And the Arab League? Ah, how could the Arab League convince the world that the Arabs of Khartoum had a divine right to the oil of the south, and to rule over Black Africans forever? It would be a drawing of a line to the Arabs, who see the Sudan as merely an agricultural colony for themselves, and as a stepping-stone for Egypt to impose its will, and to Islamize from within, the country just to the Sudan's south, for more than 1400 years the famously Christian kingdom of Ethiopia. In the wars over water to come, Egypt sees itself as owning the Nile, and wants to threaten Ethiopia, to prevent it from diverting any of the Nile's headwaters - as Ethiopia has every right to do. And part of that long-term strategy, about which, for instance, the American government appears to know nothing, is to make sure that the Sudan, all of the Sudan, is thoroughly Islamized and arabized, with the blacks reduced to a state of complete penury and hopeless dependence.

Like in most other Islamic states, the Muslim government in Sudan has also declared a systematic jihad against the people of the south which resulted in church buildings and Christian relief agencies being specifically targeted.

Africa in general has no comparative reaction to the quest of Arabia to push southwards its interests and to secure for the National Islamic Front (NIF)/National Congress Party (NCP) control of the headwaters of the Nile, as far south as Uganda, if needs be. The OAU/AU has remained silent, unable to discuss these matters, given its internal financial situation.

Africa, in the past remained in a defensive posture in its handling of Arab hegemony, suffering in silence, while sustaining its support for Arabia in its conflict with Israel.

The mercenary, so-called, Lords Resistance Army (LRA), after moving from northern Uganda, was installed in Juba and supported for many years by Khartoum. Now that the LRA has relocated to the Congo, it most likely is still financed by Khartoum, to cause mayhem on the southern boundaries of Sudan. Such mayhem is used to soften up the area, before the jihadists go in to convert. This terror tactic was used in west Africa, in places such as Liberia and Sierra Leone.

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